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Sinister Six

  1. vulture on vulture
    Understanding the Sinister Six, the Spider-Man Villain SupergroupThe Vulture is one of their usual members.
  2. cross your fingers
    We’re Going to Get a Female Superhero Film … in 2017In 2017, promises Sony. See you in three years.
  3. the big reveal
    Secret Amazing Spider-Man 2 Credit Sequence Reveals Sinister SixAnd you can watch them now, if you have a smartphone!
  4. directors chair
    Spider-Man Sinister Six Movie Gets DirectorDrew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) also wrote the script.
  5. franchises
    Sony Plans New Spider-Man Movie Every YearWith a great franchise, comes great responsibility to make movies.
  6. comic-book movies
    Superhero Movies Are Getting Too GreedyToo many villains, way too many heroes, and now there’s all this “world-building” … can’t these franchises just concentrate on being good?
  7. movie franchises
    Sony to Avengers-ize Their Spider-Man FranchiseVenom and the Sinister Six are each getting their own movies.