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    And the Sitcom Smackdown Readers Bracket Winner Is …Who wins between The Simpsons and Arrested Development?
  2. sitcom smackdown
    Vote Now in Our Sitcom Smackdown Readers Bracket FinalsArrested Development vs. The Simpsons.
  3. we get letters
    Homer Simpson Sent Vulture an E-mail About Our Sitcom SmackdownHe’s got his eyes on The Wire.
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    A Cheers Writer’s Memory of the Show’s Emotional and Drunken Finale NightKen Levine remembers the hugs, tears, and disastrous live Tonight Show appearance.
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    The Ten Best Simpsons Songs, As Picked by the Show’s WritersWho needs the Kwik-E-Mart? Not them!
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    Sitcom Smackdown Finals: Cheers vs. The SimpsonsOur critic, Matt Zoller Seitz, makes the ultimate call, three weeks in the making.
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    Comedy Undercard: Murphy Brown vs. NewsRadioBattle of the newsroom comedies.
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    Sitcom Smackdown Semis: Seinfeld vs. SimpsonsWho will go against Cheers in the finals, Jerry or Homer?
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    Marge and Homer, Troy and Abed: Our Favorite Sitcom Smackdown Couples, RankedThe course of true love always did run hilarious.
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    Comedy Undercard: Just Shoot Me! vs. Spin CityIt’s NYC fashion versus NYC government.
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    Sitcom Smackdown Semifinals: Cheers vs. RoseanneThe Shield creator Shawn Ryan reaches across the comedy/drama aisle to make the hard call.
  12. the comedy undercards
    Comedy Undercard: A Different World vs. UndeclaredWhich college comedy comes out on top?
  13. sitcom smackdown
    The Sitcom Smackdown Readers Bracket: Arrested Development LivesCan Arrested Development or Sex and the City win it all?
  14. vulture lists
    Everything Carrie Ever Wondered About on Sex and the CityI couldn’t help but wonder, How often did Carrie say “I couldn’t help but wonder”?
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    Quarterfinals: Sex and the City vs. SeinfeldBattle of the sexually active New York quartets!
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    The Evolution of the TV Nerd, From Potsie to Urkel to AbedSee how the archetype went from high-water pants and taped glasses to the No. 1 sitcom on TV.
  17. the comedy undercards
    Comedy Undercard: ALF vs. DinosaursWhich puppet will reign supreme?
  18. sitcom smackdown
    Comedy Quarterfinals: Community vs. SimpsonsLongevity versus supernova.
  19. the comedy undercards
    Comedy Undercard: The Wonder Years vs. Doogie Howser, M.D.Who is better to have in your corner: Vinnie or Paul?
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    Best Sitcom Quarterfinals: Friends vs. RoseanneKen Tucker considers it the battle of the Unruly Masterpiece versus the Well-Wrought Masterpiece.
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    Comedy Undercard: Who’s the Boss? vs. The NannyEither way, they’re both better than Charles in Charge.
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    Arrested Development’s Jessica Walter on 5 Classic Lucille Bluth GIFsScoop! She tells us Gene Parmesan resurfaces in the new season.
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    Quarterfinals: Cheers vs. Arrested DevelopmentWill Leitch decides: booze or Bluths?
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    Comedy Undercard: Designing Women vs. GirlfriendsBattle of the female ensembles!
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    13 Louis C.K. Bits That Would Make Great Episodes of LouieFrom his 1996 HBO Half Hour to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
  26. sitcom smackdown
    The Angriest Sex and the City30 Rock CommentsPeople were so angry.
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    Sitcom Smackdown, Round One: Seinfeld vs. LouieTwo generations of New York stand-ups: one who feels, and one who doesn’t.
  28. sitcom smackdown
    Jeff Richmond’s Best Musical Moments on 30 RockSo many to choose from! Which made the cut?
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    Comedy Undercard: Dr. Katz vs. The CriticBattle: Mid-nineties cult animation.
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    Be Heard: Vote in Our Sitcom Smackdown Readers’ Bracket!Disagree with our Vulture bracket? Then put your Facebook vote where your mouth is.
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    Sitcom Smackdown: Sex and the City vs. 30 RockCarrie vs. Lemon.
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    Jeffrey Tambor Tells Eight Larry Sanders StoriesLike that time he used the C-word instead of the B-word. Hey now!
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    Comedy Undercard: Perfect Strangers vs. Dharma & GregBattle of the odd couples!
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    Sitcom Smackdown: Community Vs. Larry SandersMeta vs. vérité, Troy and Abed vs. Larry and Artie.
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    Comedy Undercard: Full House vs. Saved by the BellKids drama.
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    Sitcom Smackdown, Round 1: Cosby vs. SimpsonsA rematch of their 1990 time-slot face-off.
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    10 Things Hal Did That Walter White Never WouldNot just back shaving!
  38. sitcom smackdown
    Round 1: Roseanne vs. Malcolm in the MiddleDon’t these working-class comedies scratch the same itch? They do not, actually.
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    See the Credits for the Dutch Golden Girls“Thank You for Being a Friend” sounds really funny in this language!
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    Marc Cherry Shares His Memories of Writing for Golden GirlsStories about a blessed cast by the future Desperate Housewives creator.
  41. sitcom smackdown
    Sitcom Smackdown: Friends vs. Golden GirlsJoey’s a Rose, and Chandler’s a Dorothy. How to choose?
  42. sitcom smackdown
    Every Celebrity Mocked on South Park Over Its Sixteen SeasonsAnd how they got mocked.
  43. sitcom smackdown
    Round One: Arrested Development vs. South ParkCutting cartoon or live-action comedy marvel? Julie Klausner makes the hard call.
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    Why Some Comedy Greats Didn’t Make the Sitcom SmackdownWondering why Frasier, King of the Hill, Everybody Loves Raymond, and more modern sitcom greats didn’t make our bracket? Here’s our agonized rationale.
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    Sitcom Smackdown, Round 1: Cheers vs. The OfficeA.J. Jacobs judges our first face-off. Sam and Diane take on Jim and Pam!
  46. sitcom smackdown
    What’s the Best Sitcom of the Past 30 Years?We kick off our Sitcom Smackdown, a bracket that pits Cheers, The Simpsons, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and twelve more comedy greats against each other to find the ultimate champion.