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Six Seasons And A Movie

  1. vulture lists
    12 Shows That Also Deserve Deadwood-style Movies for ClosureWe see you, Santa Clarita Diet.
  2. six seasons and a…
    Dan Harmon Is Waiting to Make Community MovieBut, he promises: “It’ll happen.”
  3. six seasons and a movie
    Watch the Community Season 6 Gag Reel#sixseasonsandamovie.
  4. six seasons and a movie
    Joel McHale Confirms That Season 6 of Community Was Its Last (For Real)… But what about the movie?
  5. six seasons and a movie
    Lena Dunham Wants to Make a Girls Movie When They’re 40 (and So Are You)Will they have jobs yet?
  6. six seasons and a movie
    Community Movie Likely Happening As Well“Preliminary conversations” have taken place.
  7. six seasons and a movie
    Hulu in Talks for Community Sixth SeasonThe dream of #SixSeasonsAndAMovie may not be completely dead for Community fans.
  8. six seasons and a movie
    Dan Harmon Currently ‘Eh’ on Community Coming Back Somewhere ElseThat might change soon, but either way, he thinks it doesn’t make much of a difference.
  9. six seasons and a movie
    Watch a Supercut of Every Community Film ReferenceThe Shawshank Redemption, Apollo 13Zardoz, and so many more.
  10. cool cool cool
    Are Community’s ‘6 Seasons and a Movie’ Dreams a Real Possibility?Justin Lin is being considered to direct a movie.
  11. six seasons and a movie
    George R.R. Martin Is Going to Need One or Two Game of Thrones Movies“Those dragons get real big, you know.”
  12. returning favorites
    Watch a Teaser for Community’s Fifth SeasonWelcome back, Winger.
  13. comic-con 2013
    Dan Harmon on the Pressure of Community Season 5“We have to get back to the emotional basics.”
  14. the fucking american dream
    Dan Harmon Got Rehired for Community for the Same Reason He Got FiredIt really is about six seasons and a movie.
  15. tv ratings
    Ratings: Community Returns, Does Much Better Than 30 Rock DidThirty-eight percent better than Liz Lemon.
  16. six seasons and a movie
    Watch a Few Promos for Community Season FourIncluding Annie and Shirley as pranksters. 
  17. six seasons and a movie
    [UPDATE] Community Won’t Air Early In Canada After AllThat thing about it starting in November? Not actually the case.