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  1. vulture festival 2019
    I Think You Should Leave’s Breakout Star May Return for Season 2The show’s creators just love Ruben Rabasa.
  2. renewals
    Baroness von Sketch Show’s Reign at IFC Continues With a Fourth SeasonThe show’s third season premieres November 8.
  3. Comedy Central Orders Sketch Show from ‘Broad City’ Cast Member The Broad City comedy tree continues to grow, with Comedy Central announcing a series order for Alternatino with Arturo Castro on Tuesday […]
  4. Just For Laughs Chooses Its 2017 New FacesThe 2017 Just For Laughs festival is currently underway in Montreal, and today they revealed their annual list of up-and-coming comedians to […]
  5. ‘Ba dum tss’: One Small Joke, One Big LaughFrom New York comedian Evan Krumholz comes a quick hit that’s good for a Wednesday LOL. Simple, imaginative, and relatable, his contribution […]
  6. snl
    Saturday Night Live’s ‘David Pumpkins’ Almost Didn’t Feature David PumpkinsIt was first just a sketch about a haunted house.
  7. good one podcast
    Behind the Best Gay Wedding Sketch EverOn this week’s episode of Good One podcast.
  8. good one podcast
    Why Horatio Sanz Broke So Much During Saturday Night Live SketchesOne of the silliest SNL cast members ever reveals how there was a reason behind his mid-sketch laughing.
  9. chat room
    Neal Brennan Explains How He Pitches Black Comedians Jokes With the N-WordThe comedian takes us inside his process in this transcript of Vulture’s comedy podcast, Good One.
  10. Just For Laughs Chooses Its 2016 New FacesThe annual Just For Laughs festival in Montreal is currently underway, and today they revealed their annual list of up-and-coming comedians to […]
  11. The Best Comedy Sketches of 2016 (So Far)It’s not only “Farewell, Mr. Bunting!”
  12. Just For Laughs Chooses Its 2015 New FacesMontreal’s Just For Laughs festival is currently underway, and today they revealed their annual list of up-and-coming comedians to highlight […]
  13. sketch
    Key & Peele’s Psychotic TelemarketerThe Hannibal Lecter of telemarketers, basically.
  14. candy
    Amy Schumer’s New Curious, Dog-Heavy SketchMay we introduce you to “Dog Stripper”?
  15. sketch
    Amy Schumer’s Beer-Commercial Parody: Men Want to F*ck BeerIt’s not untrue.
  16. sketch
    Schumer Parodies FNL, Sends Up Rape CultureIt’s an instant classic.
  17. saturday night live
    Saturday Night Live’s ‘Serial’ Parody Is So Freaking GoodAlso: Christmas stuff, yay!
  18. year in culture 2014
    The 20 Best Sketches of 2014Saturday Night Live vs. Key and Peele vs. Inside Amy Schumer …
  19. Just For Laughs Chooses Its 2014 New FacesEvery year, Montreal’s Just For Laughs comedy festival chooses a bunch of up-and-coming comedians to highlight in their “New Faces” showcase, […]
  20. and the winner is...
    Vulture TV Awards: The Best Sketch of the Year Is on Inside Amy SchumerApparently, some video games aren’t for everybody.
  21. candy
    Watch Key & Peele’s Valet Characters Finally Meet Liam NeesonsHe is their sh*t.
  22. candy
    Watch a Breakup Performed Exclusively Through Movie Titles“Unfaithful.” “Look who’s talking, big dummy.” “Basket case.” “Bully.” “Creep.” “Loser.” “Whore.” “Monster.”
  23. toldja
    If Nikki Finke’s Deadline Fallout Were an Intense, Sexy Thriller“Sometimes the blogosphere can become a terrordome.”
  24. now streaming
    Watch a Full Episode of Bob Odenkirk’s New Sketch ShowThe Birthday Boys.
  25. Read an Oral History of LA’s Wildly Influential Groundlings TheaterTHR has a new oral history of The Groundlings Theater, the LA-based comedy institution where Phil Hartman, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, and also […]
  26. Just For Laughs Chooses Its 2013 New FacesEvery year, Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival picks a bunch of up-and-coming comedians to take part in their “New Faces” showcases, which […]
  27. Watch Jon Hamm and Maya Rudolph Perform a SketchHe plays her son, obviously.
  28. Comedy Central Renews ‘Key & Peele’ for a Third SeasonGreat news for fans of great comedy today as Comedy Central just announced it’s renewed the critically-acclaimed sketch show Key & Peele for a […]
  29. This Sketch from ‘Key & Peele’s Season Finale Is Just as Great as […] Here’s a sketch called “Hatz” from Key & Peele’s season two finale, which airs this Wednesday at 10:30. It’s every bit as funny and delightful […]
  30. Behold, the ‘Community’ Cast’s Gift to ‘The Greatest Fans in History’ The entire cast of Community simultaneously tweeted out this new video today, which they’ve been referring to as a “gift for the greatest fans […]
  31. Pangea 3000 Ends Like Almost All Sketch Groups DoThe New York Times has a story about the end of popular NYC sketch group Pangea 3000 and how ultimately most sketch groups don’t get big TV […]
  32. Just For Laughs Chooses its New FacesEach year the Just for Laughs festival picks a handful of up-and-coming comedians to be part of their New Faces showcases. This year they are […]
  33. Joss Whedon Wrote a Super Funny Sketch with a Message“Daphne Zuniga: What equality means to me is that women are given their moment, their chance to stand alone before everyone, with dignity, and […]
  34. One Hour of Poehler & Lynch and One Tragically Unreleased Movie Trailer An hour of Amy Poehler and Jane Lynch chatting would be worth it no matter what they’re talking about, but if they’re talking about Amy’s […]
  35. Harvard Sailing Team and the Re-emergence of New York Sketch ComedySketch comedy is on the rise! This article highlights some popular purveyors of the form, from the internet’s Harvard Sailing Team to UCB’s […]
  36. Key & Peele Clip Illustrates Truth of the Human Condition in 48 Seconds This clip from Comedy Central’s new sketch show Key & Peele, starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, is phonetastic (sorry). Who among […]
  37. In Living Color Returns To Fox For Its 25th AnniversaryRemember In Living Color? Now do you remember In Living Color? Great. It’s coming back, with Keenen Ivory Wayans as the host, for Fox’s 25th […]
  38. Looking Back at the First Five Years of SNLAt this point in my look at the history and development of sketch comedy shows I would be amiss if I didn’t mention Monty Python’s Flying […]