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  1. a long talk
    Corey Taylor on 20 Years of Slipknot, the New Album, and Rihanna Being a FanThe frontman on the divisive political climate that informed their new album and the 20th anniversary of the record that put his band on the map.
  2. movies
    Slipknot Is Ready for Sundance“We basically got burlap bags, put them on our heads and then got zip tied and I forced us to walk through thorns.”
  3. obits
    Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray Is DeadHe was 38.
  4. secret admirers
    Susan Boyle Picking Up Some Unlikely New FansSlipknot, anyone?
  5. quote machine
    Thom Yorke Would Like to Remind Prince Who the Original ‘Creep’ WasPlus: Sammy Hagar’s new band is as good as Led Zeppelin, says Sammy Hagar.