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  1. true love
    Zooey Deschanel and Property Bros Jonathan Scott Smooch in the Front Row at DWTSNothing gets those juices flowing like watching Sean Spicer gyrate to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
  2. smooching
    Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande Can’t Stop Kissing in PublicPete and Ari shared a kiss before she performed songs from her new album.
  3. John Cena, Mike O’Brien Get 7 Minutes in HeavenThey get up to all sorts of haberdashery. 
  4. smooching
    Watch a Supercut of Bill Murray’s Awkward Movie KissesPucker up, Richard Dreyfuss.
  5. Mike O’Brien Spends 7 Minutes with Jon Glaser and Chuck There is a surprising will-they-won’t-they tension to this edition. There are a few false starts, but nothing can keep their lips apart – not […]