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  1. extremely online
    Snapchat Removes Juneteenth Filter That Asked Users to Smile to Break ChainsThe corporations are at it again.
  2. the future
    What Comes After TV?Snapchat is making hypercondensed shows specifically to watch on a smartphone. It’s harder than you’d think.
  3. celebrity
    Is This Woody Harrelson or Glenn Close?Hint: It’s Glenn Close.
  4. snapchat
    Vulture’s Snapchat Discover Story Is Now Pulling 5 Shifts a WeekWe’ve started publishing daily — by which we mean Monday–Thursday and Saturday, naturally.
  5. How an Artist Uses Snapchat As Her CanvasThe da Vinci of Snapchat.
  6. peak tv
    What to Know About Snapchat’s Big Move Into Scripted TVPeak TV’s latest player just debuted two short-form shows, with a lot more coming soon.
  7. Check Out a Compilation of Gil Ozeri’s Best Snapchat VideosGil Ozeri has long been considered one of the funniest comedians to follow on Snapchat, but in case you haven’t checked it out yet – or you’d […]
  8. Look at That, Vulture Joined Snapchat DiscoverIt’s everything you love about Vulture, just much faster.
  9. takin' what's mine
    Kate Nash Goes After Snapchat for Using Her Music Without Her Permission“So uhh SHOW ME THE MONEY MATE 💰?!????????”
  10. Josh Ruben Should Be a Snapchat Superstar A couple of months back, our very own Daniel Hurwitz compiled a spot on list of nine comedians worth following on Snapchat. Today, I’d like […]
  11. Nine Comedians Worth Following on Snapchat Snapchat: it’s not just a messaging app that your 14-year-old nephew uses to send disappearing pictures. It’s also a place where comedians […]
  12. the industry
    Ambitious Teens Can Now Audition for The Voice on SnapchatThe teens have won.
  13. social media
    Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey Apologizes for His Fake Coming-Out“Although I’m not gay, I fully support the LGBTQ community.”
  14. snapsing
    Grande and Fallon Made a Snapchat Music VideoBeauty is only filter deep.
  15. the horror
    On Sickhouse, a Horror Movie Shot Using SnapchatWhile it’s not exactly the next Blair Witch, it paves the way for one.
  16. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Live! Presents Ariana Grande, Dog-Faced Horror A harbinger of terrifying Snapchat movies to come.
  17. keys
    Allow DJ Khaled to Explain His Whole Deal to You“The keys can never run out, you know what I’m saying?”
  18. the more you know
    A Closer Look at Gil Ozeri’s Hilarious SnapchatWait for it…
  19. last night on late night
    Watch DJ Khaled Give Kimmel a Snapchat TutorialOn Jimmy Kimmel Live.
  20. snl
    Watch Jay Pharoah Parody DJ Khaled’s SnapchatsAlso: Probably time to follow SNL on Snapchat if you aren’t already.
  21. castaway
    DJ Khaled Got Lost at SeaHe’s safe now.
  22. ephemeral comedy
    Snapchat to Make a Web Series, With a SpielbergWith Sasha Spielberg, Steven’s daughter. 
  23. vmas 2014
    MTV Is Announcing VMA Nominations Via Snapchat5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …
  24. The Complete Guide to Everything: Personal FinanceThis week we’re talking about personal finance, and to kick it off we decide to talk about a bunch of things we don’t understand, such as the […]