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  1. movie review
    Review: Snatched Doesn’t Know What to Do With Its Premise or Its StarsI don’t fault Amy Schumer for pushing the lines of taste and correctness. I do fault director Jonathan Levine for his whack-you-over-the-head pacing.
  2. hyperbolic statements
    Goldie Hawn Capitulates to Amy Schumer, Says Snatched Is Best Film She’s DoneAmy Schumer is a persuasive person.
  3. trailer mix
    Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn Are a Wild Mother-Daughter Duo in SnatchedThe new trailer for the Amy Schumer–Goldie Hawn spin on a Taken-like abduction shows the women brandishing guns and plotting their own rescue.
  4. Check Out the First Trailer for ‘Snatched’ Starring Goldie Hawn and Amy […]Amy Schumer’s new movie with Goldie Hawn has a new title and, today, its first trailer. Titled Snatch, the film was written by Katie Dippold […]