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  1. winter is coming
    HBO Quenches Your Extreme Thirst With Chilliest Little Sip of Game of ThronesDaenerys and her fabulous coat arrive in Winterfell.
  2. rick and morty
    See a Sneak Peek of Rick and Morty’s Long-Awaited Third Season Rick’s not letting Morty stay in school in the storyboard-only clip.
  3. sneak peek
    Guess What the Community Gang Gets for ChristmasKittens!!!
  4. sneak peek
    Ten Things We Learned From the Smash Season-Two Sneak PeekWhat new information did we glean from this four minutes and seven seconds of televised Broadway glory?
  5. sneak peek
    P.S. I Hate You: The Angry John Lennon LettersThe former Beatle was an enthusiastic, occasionally cranky pen pal.
  6. sneak peek
    See Maura Tierney Lash Into a Giant-Bearded Michael C. HallMaura Tierney really gives him what for in her new online series.
  7. exclusive video
    Watch an Exclusive Clip from MTV’s Awkward Will she ever decide?
  8. sneak peek
    Exclusive: Watch a Bonus Clip From Season One of RevengeWe’re inching that much closer to the show’s September 30 return.
  9. Watch This Shaky Footage of In-Store-Only Breaking Dawn 2 Sneak PeekBella does that vampire lightning-fast-moving thing.
  10. sneak peek
    Exclusive: Watch a Hung-over Snooki Tumble Out of a Hammock in a Jersey Shore Sneak PeekSad Snooki + swing = bruising.