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  1. close reads
    Hollywood’s Black Snitches Aren’t Telling the Whole StoryThe depictions of these characters fail to fully explore the forces driving their betrayals.
  2. summer preview
    10 Great TV Shows to Stream Before They’re Back This SummerThe returning shows you should catch up with ASAP.
  3. report
    Director John Singleton Is in a Coma After Suffering a StrokeHis family stated that he is receiving ICU care.
  4. tv review
    Snowfall Season Two Is Like a Solid ’80s B MovieIn its second season, FX’s Southern California drug epic makes some notable improvements.
  5. tv review
    Snowfall Is a Clever, Retro-Pulp ThrillerThis FX drama about the rise of crack in the ‘80s takes its cues from gangster movies, but it’s best when it’s yakking, not whacking.
  6. in development
    Showtime Developing John Singleton ’80s Crack DramaCalled Snowfall.