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  1. awards season
    Pinkett Smith on Girls Trip Snub: Why Did Bridesmaids Get a Seat at the Table?Jada Pinkett Smith asked an HFPA member why Girls Trip, the summer’s breakout R-rated comedy, was snubbed by the Golden Globes.
  2. snubs
    Q-Tip Accuses the Grammys of Using A Tribe Called Quest to Perform After Snub“You get us to get out there and perform last year and close the shit and you don’t get us no fucking nominations?”
  3. egregious oversights
    Jake Gyllenhaal Loves Ryan Reynolds in DeadpoolAcademy, are you listening?
  4. on snubs
    Has the ‘Emmy Snub’ Lost All Its Meaning?When there are so many good shows on television, some are inevitably going to be overlooked.
  5. last night on late night
    Larry Wilmore Predicted Oscars Would Be WhiteSorry, Michael B. Jordan!
  6. oscars 2016
    Actors of Color Were Entirely Shut Out of the Academy Award NominationsThis marks the second year in a row that no nonwhite actors were nominated for an Academy Award.
  7. emmys 2014
    Mindy Kaling Handles Emmys Snub Like a ChampTrouper.
  8. snubs
    Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Got at Least One Oscar Vote This YearFrom Seth Rogen.
  9. snubs
    Russell Crowe Isn’t Happy With the Ryan Gosling Oscar SnubWho knew he was such a fan?
  10. snubs
    James Toback Isn’t Taking His Oscar Snub Well“How is some tiny, dirty covert weirdly protective little group within the Academy going to be immune?”
  11. snubs
    The Emmy Nominations: Who Got Snubbed?These actors won’t even get a chance to say “It was an honor just to be nominated.”
  12. snubs
    Daytime Emmys Prove Their Awesomeness by Snubbing The ViewShhh, don’t tell anyone, but we secretly kind of love the Daytime Emmy awards.
  13. kudos
    The Tony Nominations: Who Got Snubbed?’Billy Elliot’ got fifteen nods and ‘Next to Normal’ scored eleven — so who got shafted?
  14. epic snubs
    Getting to the Bottom of Kate Winslet’s Unprecedented Oscar SnubThis is the first time a Best Dramatic Actress winner at the Globes hasn’t received an Oscar nomination.
  15. snubs
    Oscar Turns Its Nose Up at Revolutionary Road, The Dark KnightTurns out the Academy doesn’t really care about television ratings after all!
  16. snubs
    Marvel Delivers Ram Jam to Mickey Rourke’s PocketbookWhat’s next? Will Matthew Modine replace Robert Downey Jr.?
  17. snubs
    Which Actors Went Mysteriously Missing From Last Night’s Golden Globes?One man’s snub turned into another’s gain.
  18. snubs
    Inability to Marshal Stoner Vote Leads to Speed Racer Oscar SnubSomewhere, ‘Time’ film critic Richard Corliss is weeping.