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So Long

  1. so long farewell
    The Humans to Close at Schoenfeld in JanuaryThe Humans is to plays what Hamilton is to musicals.
  2. roll clip!
    Watch the Lonely Island Return to SNLSeal Team 69?
  3. Just in Case This Is the End: The Best of Happy EndingsThis week’s season finale might be the show’s not-so-Happy Ending.
  4. 30 rock finale
    Video: 30 Rock’s Kenneth Has a Crazy BackstoryFrom Stone Mountain, Georgia, to Rockefeller Center, via one river-ferry-train-oxcart-train-bus ride.
  5. so long
    A Vulture Says Good-ByeSadface.
  6. so long
    Oprah’s Last Episode Will Air in MayIt was supposed to air in September.
  7. so long
    AMC Cancels RubiconIt’s one and done for ‘Rubicon.’