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    HBO Hack Reportedly Exposed 7 Times As Much Data As Was Released in Sony HackHackers have leaked scripts of Game of Thrones as well as episodes of other HBO shows.
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    Seth Rogen Thinks Journalists Bungled Sony HackRogen’s not pleased about what happened to Amy Pascal.
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    Despite Sony Hack, People Are Apparently Still Sending Dumb Emails“I still regularly see emails that make me say, Really?
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    Report: The Concussion Filmmakers Tried Not to Piss Off the NFLAccording to emails unearthed in last year’s Sony hacks, those affiliated with the movie didn’t want to kick the hornet’s nest.
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    Marvel Says Peter Parker Must Always Be a Straight White Guy OnscreenAccording to a leaked contract with Sony.
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    A Sony Hack Documentary Is in the WorksWhat will Amy Pascal think?
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    You Can Now Search Even More Sony Emails on WikiLeaksAs if reading your own emails wasn’t enough of a daily burden.
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    Ben Affleck (Kinda) Apologizes for Trying to Hide Slave-Owner AncestorAnd allegedly trying to censor PBS.
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    Thanks to WikiLeaks, You Can Now Search Through All the Leaked Sony EmailsJulian Assange strikes again.
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    Channing Tatum Still Hasn’t Changed His Email Address Even after all that Sony-hack drama.
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    Amy Pascal: J.Law Should Have Asked for a Raise“People should know what they’re worth.”
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    The Sony Hack Wasn’t the Only Thing That Hurt Amy PascalSony had been in a bad place for a while.
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    Amy Pascal Steps Down at Sony PicturesShe will stay on at the studio as a producer.
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    Charlize Theron Got a Raise Thanks to Sony HackHell yeah. 
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    Obama Announces North Korea Sanctions in Response to Sony HackThe White House still thinks North Korea is behind the Interview debacle.
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    Best of James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Live Interview Tweet-a-Long“Perhaps the greatest testament to my acting is someone asked me if I actually shoved that missile in my ass.”
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    The Interview Made More Than $1 Million on Christmas DayIt’s better than nothing!
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    Here’s Where You Can See The Interview on ChristmasIn case your Grandma wants to stick it to North Korea.
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    Sony Will Let The Interview Screen on ChristmasThanks, Obama.
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    Everything That’s Happened in the Sony Leak ScandalFrom top stars’ salaries to nasty emails to forthcoming films.
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    Sony Co-chair Amy Pascal Wants Idris Elba to Be the Next James BondSomething we can all get behind.
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    Sony Says The Interview Will Get DistributedDon’t know how, don’t know when.
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    Sony Execs Really Wish Obama Wouldn’t Have Called Them Out Like ThatCEO Michael Lynton says that it was not Sony’s decision to cancel The Interview.
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    Obama on Sony Hack: Pulling The Interview Was ‘a Mistake’“We cannot have a society where some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship on the United States.”
  25. How Do Americans Look in North Korean Films?Would you believe it’s unflattering?
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    FBI Concludes North Korea Was Definitely Behind Sony HackIt’s official: “The North Korean government is responsible.”
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    Sony Hackers Say the Leaks Will Stop (for Now)The North Korea–linked hackers are pleased as punch The Interview got canceled.
  28. Seth Meyers Tells the Sony Hackers to ‘Bring It On’ Last night, Seth Meyers took a bold stand against North Korea or whoever hacked Sony Pictures, causing them to cancel the release of The […]
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    How The Interview Got Made: A TimelineHow The Interview went from funny idea to geopolitical incident.
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    Judd Apatow on Sony Canceling The Interview“In comedy, we attack people who are bad to other people.”
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    The Sony Hack Might Have Killed a Certain Kind of SatireIf you’re worried about anything disappearing, worry about the desire to push something just a little farther for the sake of being funnier.
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    Steve Carell’s North Korea–Set Dark Comedy AxedNew Regency kissed the project good-bye because of what has happened at Sony.
  33. Celebrities React to The Interview Cancellation“Sad day for creative expression.”
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    North Korea ‘Centrally Involved’ in Sony Hack, U.S. Government FindsThe Times says the cyberattack is “far more destructive than any seen before on American soil.”
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    Sony Officially Cancels The Interview’s Theatrical ReleaseHackers had threatened violence for any theater that screened the film.
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    Every Big Theater Chain Just Dropped The InterviewThe Sony hackers had threatened violence against any theater that showed the film.
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    The Interview’s New York Premiere Has Been CanceledIt was going to happen Thursday at the Sunshine Cinema.
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    Paul Feig Has a Vision for His GhostbustersA leaked e-mail finds the director spitballing a bunch of ideas for the film.
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    7 Hollywood Insiders on What the Sony Hacks Reveal About How Hollywood Works“It’s like a shoving match, but verbal.”
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    Sorkin Calls News Outlets ‘Morally Treasonous’In a New York Times op-ed, he slams those he says have been willingly used as pawns by Sony’s hackers.
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    Sony Wants Media to Stop Reporting on the LeakMeanwhile, the hackers have promised a “Christmas gift.”
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    Channing Tatum’s Leaked Email Is GloriousThe Sony hack just keeps on giving.
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    Selma Director Ava DuVernay Calls Sony Emails ‘Sickening and Sad’“That’s really all I have to say.”
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    The Real Lesson of the Sony Hack: Good Movies Are Hard to Make!Any producer who can get films like No Country for Old Men or There Will Be Blood off the ground is entitled to a kind of artistic clemency.
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    The New James Bond Movie Said to Have BlofeldAccording to new Sony leaks.
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    Sony’s CEO Had Seth Rogen Soften the Gore in The InterviewSpoilers ahead.
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    What Other Hollywood Executives Have to Say About the Sony Hack“It kind of terrified all of us.” 
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    Spider-Man Almost Appeared in the Marvel Cinematic UniverseMarvel tried to get Spidey into Captain America: Civil War.
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    Sony Hack Blows the Cover on Secret Celebrity AliasesJessica Alba, a.k.a. “Cash Money.”