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Sony Pictures Classics

  1. cannes film festival 2014
    Sugar Man Distributor on Director’s Suicide“I think he was depressed.”
  2. cannes 2010
    Cannes: Sony Pictures Classics Takes Leigh’s Another YearThe film, about a happy married couple visited by miserable friends, is the odds-on favorite for this year’s Palme d’Or.
  3. trailer mix
    An Education Trailer Plants the Seeds for Your Upcoming Crush on Carey MulliganA star is born!
  4. pop trash
    Why Reviews for ‘The Wackness’ Might Be Mad Wack, YoVerb, variant of ill. Doing things that can get you in trouble, i.e. vandalism, doing drugs, etc.”
  5. the industry
    J.J. Abrams and Josh Marston Plan Our Next ObsessionPlus industry news on Nicole Kidman, Jonny Quest, and Eddie the Eagle.