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  1. sorkinese
    Make Your Own Aaron Sorkin Monologue With Vulture’s Sorkin Mad-LibsWatch out, Jed Bartlet.
  2. sorkinese
    Aaron Sorkin to Adapt Poker Hostess’s MemoirAnte up for Molly’s Game.
  3. you can’t handle the…you know
    A Live Staging of A Few Good Men Coming to NBC“You want me on that wall. You need me on that wall. After this commercial break.”
  4. tv
    Why The Newsroom Was Always Doomed to FailNo one is actually rooting for cable news.
  5. sorkinese
    How Mary-Louise Parker Landed on The West Wing“Josh Lyman badly needs to get laid.”
  6. sorkinese
    Watch Amy Schumer’s Perfect Aaron Sorkin ParodyWith Josh Charles.
  7. sorkinese
    The Newsroom Is Coming Back for One Final SeasonGood night, sweet Will McAvoy.
  8. sorkinese
    Surprise, The Newsroom Has Gotten Better!Jerry Dantana, you devious bastard.
  9. sorkinese
    Aaron Sorkin Loves Dad RockSo much.
  10. sorkinese
    See a Fist-Throwing Deleted Scene From The NewsroomThis one’s for you, Alison Pill fans.
  11. sorkinese
    Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Movie Is Three Long, Real-Time ScenesCan you imagine how much Sorkin fast-talking we’re in for?
  12. sorkinese
    Aaron Sorkin Defends The Newsroom, Denies There’s a Woman ProblemHe didn’t fire the entire writing staff, and his ex-girlfriend doesn’t work for the show.
  13. sorkinese
    The Newsroom Is Incredibly Hostile Toward WomenMen watch the news like this. Women watch the news like this.
  14. sorkinese
    Fourteen Newsroom Lines Heard in Past Sorkin ShowsHe is still irked that so many people believe in angels.
  15. sorkinese
    Aaron Sorkin Not Sure About Newsroom’s Finale“Are you supposed to write a cliffhanger?”
  16. sorkinese
    Aaron Sorkin Will Write Steve Jobs As a HeroHe also likens Sony’s project to writing a film about the Beatles.
  17. sorkinese
    Aaron Sorkin Will Write Sony’s Steve Jobs BiopicBut did he speak Sorkinese?
  18. sorkinese
    Is Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom Just Sports Night?Anchors and the women who love them.