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Sound Design

  1. how everything works
    How Sound of Metal Reimagined the Silence in Hearing LossSound designer Nicolas Becker looked to stethoscopic mics, fetal memories, and a centuries-old school for the deaf in France.
  2. hardest things
    The Hardest Sound I Ever CreatedWhat does a murder sound like? How about Godzilla’s cry? Foley artists explain just how difficult it is to engineer the sounds of movies.
  3. gripes
    TV Dramas Are Too QuietIt’s not just Sharp Objects. Has extremely hushed dialogue become the new hallmark of serious TV?
  4. How Legion Made That Freaky Chattering-Teeth Sound Effect“I’m sure my dentist didn’t love me slamming my teeth together that hard, but it didn’t break anything, thank God.”
  5. phantom thread
    How Phantom Thread Made Toast IrritatingAnd captured the sound of fabric.