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Sound Of My Voice

  1. year in culture 2012
    Things You Might’ve Missed in 2012 — and Shouldn’t HaveIf you want to be a true good-pop-culture completist, you need to be checking out Suburgatory, The Sessions, Demi Lovato, and more.
  2. contests
    Win Free Tickets to Sound of My VoiceIt’s the cult thriller starring Brit Marling.
  3. chat room
    Brit Marling on Sound of My Voice and Handshakes“Five days into shooting, we thought, Oh my God, we forgot to come up with the secret handshake.”
  4. trailer mix
    Sound of My Voice Trailer: Cult Movie Hopes to Be Cult HitStarring Sundance darling Brit Marling.
  5. movies
    Watch the First Twelve Minutes of Sundance Sleeper Sound of My VoiceIt’s an unsettling cult thriller starring Brit Marling.
  6. trailer mix
    Another Earth Trailer: Meet Sundance Success Story Brit MarlingShe also stars in ‘Sound of My Voice,’ which was just picked up.