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  1. vulture guides
    Your Guide to Telling All the ‘SoundCloud R&B’ Singers ApartFrom the Drake-approved to the viral sensations, here’s who’s who.
  2. soundcloud rap
    SoundCloud Rap Has Its First No. 1 Album — Now What?XXXTentacion’s chart success seems significant, but it might be the first step toward nowhere for SoundCloud rap.
  3. For Weeks, the Top Artist on SoundCloud Was an Icon of the Arab SpringSinger Hamza Namira has a huge fan base, but it’s not one often heard from in the West.
  4. Other Sites Have Fake News, So SoundCloud Has Fake MusicWhy rise to the No. 1 spot when you can just buy it?
  5. music
    SoundCloud Saved at the Last Minute by New Funding RoundYour tracks are safe, for now.
  6. the streaming wars
    WeTransfer Offering Ex-SoundCloud Staffers $10,000 to Invent the Next SoundCloud“It’s a chance to have some fun.”
  7. the streaming wars
    What Happens After SoundCloud?Don’t get too comfortable with any one way of traversing the internet. Be prepared to adapt when things shift.
  8. soundcloud
    Did Chance the Rapper Just Save SoundCloud?Chance had a “very fruitful” phone call with SoundCloud’s co-founder on Friday.
  9. the streaming wars
    The Death of SoundCloud Should Scare Music LoversThe site is reportedly closer to running out of funds than many expected.
  10. the streaming wars
    SoundCloud Plans to Forge Ahead Independently, Lays Off Near Half of Its StaffSoundCloud just slashed 40 percent of its staff to avoid being bought by a major streaming company.
  11. the streaming wars
    Spotify Reportedly No Longer Wants to Buy SoundCloud“It doesn’t need an additional licensing headache in a potential IPO year.”
  12. the streaming wars
    SoundCloud’s Long-Rumored Paid Subscription Service Has Arrived SoundCloud Go is now available in the U.S.