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  1. These 5 Famous Movie Scenes Would Be Completely Different Without Chuck BerryVIDEO: “Johnny B. Goode” has had a particularly good run.
  2. keeping score
    Michael Giacchino Is Scoring Another Marvel FilmStaying in the family.
  3. American Honey’s Song Choices Are On the Nose, and That’s the Point“I feel like music’s a go-to for when you feel all kinds of things.”
  4. the jukebox
    Yas, Music: Broad City Is Getting an Official SoundtrackSoulstice membership not included.
  5. Soundtrack for Stranger Things Out FridayDixon and Stein of Austin band S U R V I V E scored the series.
  6. soundtracked
    Behind the Music on Silicon Valley, a.k.a. ‘Nerd Swagger’And how they ended up premiering a Run the Jewels song.
  7. soundtrack
    Jay-Z to Work With the Bullitts to Score Baz Luhrmann’s Great GatsbyScore!
  8. soundtrack
    Let Quentin Tarantino Walk You Through the Django Unchained SoundtrackEnnio Morricone, Rick Ross, Jim Croce: He explains it all.
  9. tron legacy
    Daft Punk’s Tron Soundtrack Coming in NovemberOn November 22, before ‘Tron: Legacy’s December 17 release.