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  1. needle drops
    The Umbrella Academy Season Two’s Most Ridiculous Soundtrack Choices, RankedSeason two doubles down on the Netflix series’ more-is-more approach to music cues, and sometimes it works — and sometimes it definitely doesn’t.
  2. emmy insider
    12 Music Supervisors on the TV Needle Drops They Can’t Stop Thinking AboutFrom High Fidelity, Ramy, Watchmen, and more.
  3. soundtracked
    The Secret Weapon of Homecoming’s New Season? An Original Score.After a first season that borrowed music from Oscar-winning classics, Homecoming composer Emile Mosseri had gigantic shoes to fill.
  4. high fidelity
    High Fidelity’s Music Supervisors Pick Their 10 Favorite Songs From the ShowFrom deep cuts to David Bowie, creating the Hulu reboot’s soundtrack was the perfect job for music nerds.
  5. soundtracks
    If Emily Dickinson Were Alive Today, She’d Love Billie EilishDickinson pairs the 19th-century poet’s life with modern needle drops. Here’s how they picked out 12 songs.
  6. soundtracked
    The Hidden Breaking Bad References in El Camino’s Musical ScoreHow composer Dave Porter wove the “original Breaking Bad sound” into the music he wrote for El Camino.
  7. soundtracked
    Admit It, You’re Humming Succession’s Theme Song Right NowThe show’s composer breaks down its “strange, circus-like” earworm.
  8. soundtracked
    When Game of Thrones Plays Sad Piano Music, It’s Time to Freak Out“The piano comes in and people go, ‘Uh-oh, here comes the piano again. Something’s unraveling!’”
  9. art du jour
    How The Twilight Zone Re-created a Timeless Opening Title Sequence for 2019The producers and composers behind the new revival break down how narration, imagery, and music was used to both honor and update an iconic opening.
  10. soundtracked
    Why Doctor Who Went Back to Basics With Its New Theme Song“I wanted to go back to the original,” composer Segun Akinola says.
  11. soundtracked
    How Sharp Objects Created Its Killer SoundtrackAnd why Led Zeppelin are “hugely important” to director Jean-Marc Vallée.
  12. soundtracked
    How Westworld Season Two Made Its 5 Best Piano CoversFrom Kanye West’s “Runaway” to Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box,” the show’s music supervisor explains all.
  13. soundtracked
    David Lynch Isn’t Sure How Twin Peaks Roadhouse Booked Famous Bands“It’s a magical thing.”
  14. soundtracked
    The Story Behind Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Iconic Theme SongLarry David first heard it in a random bank commercial.
  15. soundtracked
    Your Guide to All of the Bands in Twin PeaksThe old Roadhouse is a musical epicenter.
  16. keeping score
    Did You Catch the Mulholland Drive Cameo on Twin Peaks?Rebekah Del Rio returns.
  17. Behind the Master of None Soundtrack and the Most Important Song of the Season“We worked for months to clear that song.”
  18. soundtracked
    Big Little Lies’ Music Supervisor on How the Finale’s Songs Were ChosenIt took a while to land on the Elvis Presley songs.
  19. keeping score
    Big Little Lies’ Music Supervisor on Creating the Show’s Distinctive SoundtrackAnd why those Monterey kids have such sophisticated taste in music.
  20. keeping score
    Why The Young Pope’s Score Chooses to Embody ‘Musical Promiscuity’No churchly hymns here.
  21. soundtracked
    Abbi and Ilana on Broad City’s Best Music ScenesFrom Drake and Lady Gaga to Sister Act 2.
  22. the jukebox
    Yas, Music: Broad City Is Getting an Official SoundtrackSoulstice membership not included.
  23. soundtracked
    Behind the Music on Silicon Valley, a.k.a. ‘Nerd Swagger’And how they ended up premiering a Run the Jewels song.
  24. soundtracked
    Listen to ‘I See Fire,’ Ed Sheeran’s Song for The HobbitOoh, pretty.
  25. soundtracked
    Rating the On-the-Noseness of Flight’s Soundtrack“Under the Bridge” means someone’s a heroin addict.
  26. soundtracked
    What Does the Use of a Talking Heads Song Say About a Movie?Other than that the music supervisor has good taste.