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  1. quiz
    Quiz: Can You Guess the Beautiful Boy Music Cue?The new addiction drama features some of the most on-the-nose needle drops since Suicide Squad.
  2. song rehab
    Eighth Grade and the Pop-Culture Redemption of Enya’s ‘Orinoco Flow’Maybe we could all stand to sail away for a while.
  3. soundtracks
    Lady Gaga Lands Her Fifth Number-One Album With A Star Is Born SoundtrackConsider that void filled!
  4. album review
    The Lasting Gift of the Star Is Born SoundtrackThese songs are destined to dominate karaoke nights.
  5. soundtracked
    How Westworld Season Two Made Its 5 Best Piano CoversFrom Kanye West’s “Runaway” to Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box,” the show’s music supervisor explains all.
  6. How Curtis Mayfield Made the Original Super Fly SingAnd how the new Superfly’s soundtrack, produced by Future, measures up.
  7. A History of Stanley Kubrick in 21 TracksKubrick was a distinctive visual stylist, but he also made innovative use of music — so we created a playlist that doubles as a career history.
  8. How To Make Your Own Wes Anderson SoundtrackYou can do it yourself, even if you only have the rights to stock music.
  9. soundtracks
    How All Those Shockingly Great Fifty Shades Soundtracks Got MadeThe stories behind getting Beyoncé, Christian Grey fingering Ana to Van Morrison, and “Earned It.”
  10. vulture guides
    Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther Soundtrack Spotlights These South African ArtistsHow Kendrick Lamar incorporated the music of South Africa into his Wakanda.
  11. Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther: The Album Is More Than Just a Tasteful Tie-inThe best Kendrick collaborations are the ones with someone wild and weird enough loosen him up.
  12. videology
    Kendrick Lamar and SZA Serve Wakandan Royal Opulence in ‘All the Stars’ VideoThis is already the best video of the year.
  13. soundtracks
    Hear Kendrick Lamar and the Weeknd’s Black Panther Song“Pray for Me” comes off the Kendrick-curated Black Panther soundtrack.
  14. soundtracks
    There Is No Beyoncé on the Black Panther Soundtrack, But We Guess We’ll Take ItKendrick Lamar doesn’t care about our needs.
  15. maybe this is amazing
    Oh My God, Jamie Dornan Will Cover ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ for Fifty Shades FreedHe was once in a folk duo called Sons of Jim. Amazing!
  16. soundtracks
    Look Who Finally Got Her Very Own Fifty Shades SongThe time has come.
  17. soundtracks
    Black Panther Is Getting a Black-As-Hell Soundtrack Curated by Kendrick LamarLamar will curate and produce the entire thing.
  18. oscars 2017
    Call Me by Your Name, Mudbound Songs Make Best Original Song Short ListThe 70 songs on the Oscars’ Best Original Song short list have been revealed.
  19. soundtracks
    If You’ve Got Time to Cry, Call Me by Your Name’s Sufjan Stevens Songs Are Here[Muffled sobs.]
  20. Edgar Wright Explains His Favorite Musical Moments in His Own Films“Sometimes, if an old song doesn’t have a music video, you start to imagine. But you don’t listen to ‘Thriller’ and think, I’ve got a great idea!”
  21. Behind the Master of None Soundtrack and the Most Important Song of the Season“We worked for months to clear that song.”
  22. soundtracks
    Girls: The Stories Behind the Final Season’s 8 Best Musical MomentsLena Dunham personally called Tracy Chapman to ask for permission to use “Fast Car.”
  23. How Danger Mouse Created Resistance Radio for an Imaginary AmericaDanger Mouse and Sam Cohen’s Resistance Radio soundtracks an alternate America.
  24. soundtracks
    Prince Wrote a Song Inspired by Love JonesPrince told the director “On the Couch” was inspired by a scene from the movie.
  25. soundtracks
    Enjoy Cut Moana Song ‘Warrior Face’ Sung by Hamilton Cast MembersLin-Manuel Miranda recruited Christopher Jackson and Phillipa Soo to record the tune.
  26. covers
    Hear Ariana Grande and John Legend Cover the Beauty and the Beast Theme SongSmall to say the least.
  27. right-click
    Hear Halsey’s New Song for Fifty Shades Darker“Not Afraid Anymore” follows Taylor Swift and Zayn’s awkward duet.
  28. soundtracks
    Westworld Drops Full First-Season SoundtrackThe soundtrack to your reveries.
  29. right-click
    You Can Stream the Hairspray Live! SoundtrackYou can stop the beat, but why would you want to?
  30. an outtake by any other name
    Listen to a Very Hamilton-y Outtake From MoanaThat cadence sounds familiar.
  31. soundtrack of our digital lives
    Black Mirror Releases ‘San Junipero’ Soundtrack Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?
  32. soundtracks
    Which Song on the Trolls Soundtrack Is the Biggest Troll?A descent into madness.
  33. soundtrack of our android lives
    Listen to Westworld’s Instrumental CoversRadiohead and the Cure via the Wild West.
  34. the jukebox
    Alessia Cara’s New Song for Moana Is So Gosh-Darn MotivatingWritten by Lin-Manuel Miranda, so you know it’s good.
  35. soundtracks
    Stream Black Mirror Season 3 SoundtrackFrom Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury.
  36. soundtracks
    Stream the Trolls Movie Soundtrack Right HereIncluding songs by Ariana Grande, Zooey Deschanel, Gwen Stefani, and James Corden.
  37. the oscar for best original song goes to...
    Pharrell Performs Hidden Figures Soundtrack “Together we’ll fly / But no more runnin.’”
  38. soundtracks
    Here’s Volume 2 of the Stranger Things SoundtrackEven more synths!
  39. suicide squad
    The Suicide Squad Soundtrack Also Had a Killer First WeekOnce again, Drake was bested.
  40. stranger things
    Here’s the Stranger Things Soundtrack You’ve Been Waiting to UnlockUnlock that curiosity door.
  41. got music
    Games of Thrones Live Concert Experience Is Coming to a Kingdom Near YouGOT composer Ramin Djawadi is embarking on a 28-city tour.
  42. soundtracks
    The Great Song From the GOT Finale Is on SpotifyIt’s called “Light of the Seven.”
  43. soundtracked
    Behind the Music on Silicon Valley, a.k.a. ‘Nerd Swagger’And how they ended up premiering a Run the Jewels song.
  44. soundtracks
    Here’s the Suicide Squad Soundtrack Song List Lil Wayne, Grimes, and CRR, let your powers combine.
  45. music
    Timbaland to Do Music for Jamie Foxx Mouse MovieIt’s called “Groove Tails,” and it’s a pun, because mouse tails have grooves.
  46. soundtracks
    The Vinyl Soundtrack Features a Murderer’s Row of Rock ArtistsThe Martin Scorsese/Mick Jagger–produced series will have some kick-ass tunes, and lots of cocaine.
  47. soundtracks
    Damn, Channing Tatum’s Going to Sing in His New Movie, Too?The song’s called “No Dames,” so make of that what you will.
  48. somewhere in time
    It’s Time to Revisit All 38 Soundtracks to Hit No. 1 Since Purple RainYes, the Howard Stern’s Private Parts soundtrack was a No. 1 album.
  49. soundtracks
    Tarantino Explains Django’s Missing Frank Ocean Song“I didn’t want to cheapen his effort.”
  50. django unchained
    Listen to Rick Ross’s Contribution to the Django Unchained SoundtrackGo westward, Rick Ross!
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