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Southland Tales

  1. Richard Kelly on Donnie Darko, Southland Tales, and Sparkle Motion“I ruined at least one take laughing.”
  2. wishful thinking
    Richard Kelly Is Writing More Southland Tales Movies“With the baby, the farting and the earthquakes.”
  3. apropos of nothing
    Is Richard Kelly’s ‘The Box’ in Trouble?The follow-up to ‘Southland’ tales has been pushed back all the way to September 2009.
  4. countdown
    Is ‘Che’ This Year’s ‘Southland Tales’?Last night’s Cannes premiere of Steven Soderbergh’s four-hour biopic of Che Guevara seems to have been something of a fiasco.
  5. countdown
    How Long Until Richard Kelly’s ‘The Box’ Gets Its Own Post on Stuff White People Like?We can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet!
  6. the list
    Vulture’s Critics’ Poll: What Was the Worst Movie of 2007?The movie that cost its star an Oscar is deemed the Worst of the Year.
  7. apropos of nothing
    Which Awards-Bait Movies Are Actually Making Money?Answer: Hardly any!
  8. right-click
    Sarah Michelle Gellar Sings!Plus: The world’s sleaziest surf band!
  9. apropos of nothing
    ‘Southland Tales’ Is All Richard Kelly’s Fault, Say Film’s Press NotesThe rest of the cast and crew bears absolutely no responsibility for Southland Tales.
  10. apropos of nothing
    Vulture’s Seen ‘Southland Tales’!Our one-sentence review!
  11. countdown
    ‘Southland Tales’ Somehow Gets Even Crazier“Teen Horniness Is Not a Crime,” the single.
  12. trailer mix
    ‘Southland Tales’ Trailer Presents World’s Greatest Cast in World’s Weirdest MovieRichard Kelly’s follow-up to Donnie Darko boasts one of the all-time great WTF casts in the history of cinema.
  13. the industry
    Jim Carrey Answers in the AffirmativePlus industry news on Beck, Tupac, and the new film from the director of Donnie Darko.