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Space Chimps

  1. i love the situation
    The Times Can’t Bring Itself to Defend Jersey ShoreIt gets points for trying.
  2. ranters and ravers
    ‘Space Chimps’: the ‘Times’ Takes a Courageous StandWe still don’t want to see ‘Space Chimps,’ but we do want to see Neil Genzlinger write more movie reviews!
  3. news reel
    Comic-Con: Not Only Is ‘Space Chimps’ Real …Outer space! Chimpanzees! The incongruous combination of the two!
  4. apropos of nothing
    Quiz: Which Upcoming Fake-Looking TV Shows and Movies Are Actually Real?Not only are fake shows like ‘MILF Island’ getting better, real shows are increasingly seeming more fake. Can you tell the difference anymore?