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  1. big screen adaptations
    Broadway’s Spamalot Is Going to the Big ScreenMonty Python’s Eric Idle will write the script.
  2. Eric Idle and John Cleese Are in a Fight and It’s Ruining Everything[blackbirdpie id=”147009604746874882”] You know things are bad in the world when even Monty Python members are fighting. After Eric Idle kicked […]
  3. news reel
    David Hyde Pierce Has Neither Advice for Clay Aiken Nor Patience for UsSo what does Curtains star David Hyde Pierce think of Clay Aiken, who’s taking over his memorable role in Spamalot?
  4. the best part
    Clay Aiken Is the Ron Paul of the Entertainment World“I think WE are both a lot confused.” —Confused
  5. the industry
    Quentin Tarantino Plans His ‘Citizen Kane’Plus: Jennifer Hudson, Kathy Bates join Tyler Perry’s next.
  6. quote machine
    Lionsgate Proclaims ‘Rambo’ the Second ComingPlus quotes from Nick Nolte, Clay Aiken, and Shelby Lynne.
  7. the early-evening news
    Claymates Rejoice: Clay Aiken Heads for BroadwayPlus news about Amy Winehouse, Helen Mirren, and Judd Apatow.