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  1. renesmee
    The Twilight Baby Walked So the Annette Baby Could FlyThe breakout star of Cannes 2021 is a puppet.
  2. movie review
    The Beautiful, Baffling Annette Dares You to Take It SeriouslyAdam Driver and Marion Cotillard bare it all, in more ways than one, for Leos Carax and Sparks’ moving, bizarre musical.
  3. trailer mix
    Adam Driver Is So Adam Driver in the New Annette TrailerWe love an original movie musical.
  4. this town is big enough
    Are You Ready for the Summer of Sparks?With a new documentary out now and a musical debuting at Cannes, the stars are aligning for the “underrated, overlooked, and hugely influential” duo.
  5. annette
    As We’ve Always Predicted, Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard Collabed on a SingleFeaturing Simon Helberg!
  6. trailer mix
    Sparks Get a Hero’s and Weirdo’s Welcome in Edgar Wright’s Documentary Trailer“All pop music is rearranged Sparks, that’s the truth.”
  7. movie news
    Rooney Mara and Adam Driver in Leos Carax’s FilmThey still need money. Someone give them money.