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  1. worst moments of one's life
    Sam Smith ‘Hated Every Minute’ of Oscars Song“Singing was horrible.”
  2. Listen to Radiohead’s Unused Theme for SpectreThe sad, subtle song makes one wonder if Radiohead has ever even seen a James Bond movie before.
  3. bond themes
    Lana Del Rey Wanted to Do Spectre’s Bond ThemeNo shade to Sam Smith, of course.
  4. box office
    Final Hunger Games Destroys the Box OfficeJ.Law shook, stirred, and ultimately killed Spectre with a $100 million opening.
  5. critics
    Pierce Brosnan Didn’t Even Like SpectreBrosnan was neither shaken nor stirred by the film.
  6. James Bond Switches Up His Drink OrderOn Jimmy Kimmel Live.
  7. box office
    James Bond and Charlie Brown Made a KillingSpectre made a smashing good $73 million at the box office, while Peanuts made $45 million.
  8. movie reviews
    Review: Spectre Is Modern Bond Done Well EnoughThere’s plenty to carp about in Spectre, but it’s still more enjoyable than most of the post-Connery Bonds.
  9. james bond
    Daniel Craig Clarifies That He Does Not Actually Hate James Bond“I’ve had massive amounts of fun making this film.”
  10. vulture on set
    On the Spectre Set With Daniel Craig and Léa SeydouxJames Bond, doing work.
  11. box office
    This Was the Worst Domestic Box Office Weekend of 2015Meanwhile, Spectre broke records overseas.
  12. who?
    Rita Ora Campaigns for Bond Girl and Theme SongRita Galore!
  13. james bond
    Daniel Craig Prefers Suicide to Playing James Bond Again“I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists.”
  14. videology
    ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ Music Vid: Time to BroodFeaturing footage from the film!
  15. bond themes
    Disclosure on What Makes a Good Bond ThemePutting a new spin on a classic sound.
  16. right-click
    Sam Smith’s James Bond Theme Song, ‘Writing’s on the Wall,’ Has ArrivedIt’s a power ballad!
  17. vulture remix
    Idris Elba Is Playing James Bond (in This Mash-Up)It’s our latest Vulture Remix!
  18. the industry
    Sam Smith Confirmed for James Bond Title Song“Oh, won’t you shake for me? / Martinis all I need.”
  19. speculation nation
    Sam Smith Hints at Spectre ParticipationNice ring, Sam!
  20. trailer mix
    Spectre Trailer: Kiss! Kiss! Bang! Bang! Waltz! Waltz!Christoph Waltz makes his first appearance.
  21. trailer mix
    Daniel Craig Has Lots of Secrets in Spectre“Welcome, James.”
  22. james bond
    Here’s Your First Look at Bond in SpectreThey’re filming it on a mountain in Austria.
  23. sony hack
    The New James Bond Movie Said to Have BlofeldAccording to new Sony leaks.
  24. movies
    The Next James Bond Film Will Be Called SpectreAre we getting Blofeld?