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  1. 🐝 buzz buzz 🐝
    Let’s Cast Yellowjackets’ Other Potential Adult SurvivorsWe refuse to live in a world where Van doesn’t make it out alive.
  2. star wars episode ix
    But What Does the Title Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Mean?Some guesses about Episode IX’s mysterious name.
  3. speculation
    The New Twin Peaks Mystery: Is Showtime’s Reboot Really Dead?Sources indicate the network was, and is, open to spending more money.
  4. speculation
    Gone Girl Ending Update: Oh, Maybe It’s the Same“The film hews closely to the book.”
  5. speculation
    Here’s the Latest From David Fincher on the Gone Girl Movie EndingDavid Fincher says they didn’t change it, but also they did. It’s tricky.
  6. speculation
    J.J. Abrams Has Begun Discussing Star Wars: Episode VII“I can identify a hunger for what I would want to see again.”
  7. speculation
    Here Are the Latest Kanye Solo Album RumorsRight after Cruel Summer?
  8. speculation
    Five Tom Cruise Movies Other Than The Firm That Could Be TV ShowsDays of Thunder: the TV Show!
  9. idris elba
    Idris Elba Is Still Open to the Idea of Playing James BondWith one caveat.
  10. steven soderbergh
    Steven Soderbergh: Back Before He Even Left?Now he’s not really retiring.
  11. speculation
    Who Should Play Michael Scott’s New Love Interest?Dunder Mifflin’s co-manager is getting is new girlfriend.
  12. late shifting
    Rumor Mill: Is Next Week Conan’s Last As Host of the Tonight Show?That’s the rumor that ESPN’s Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, is spreading.
  13. speculation
    Is Milhouse Van Houten of The Simpsons Actually Gay?The show’s creator, Matt Groening, seems to be hinting at it.