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Speed Racer

  1. vulture lists
    The 38 Greatest Car Movies Ever MadeGearhead classics, modern blockbusters, art-house favorites, and even some genuine obscurities.
  2. The Lost Roles of Vince VaughnAfter popping up in a diverse selection of movies in the 90s (Swingers, Jurassic Park 2, a Psycho remake), Vince Vaughn became a household name […]
  3. The Golly Gee-Whiz Spectacle of the Wachowskis’ ‘Speed Racer’Go Speed Racer Go Speed Racer Go Speed Racer, Go! – Theme song from Speed Racer Few properties are as aggressively single-minded as Speed […]
  4. snubs
    Inability to Marshal Stoner Vote Leads to Speed Racer Oscar SnubSomewhere, ‘Time’ film critic Richard Corliss is weeping.
  5. wha?
    Richard Corliss Curiously Bestows Speed Racer With a Spot on His Top TenFar and away, the year’s most bizarre top-ten inclusion yet.
  6. countdown
    ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Screwed by ‘Speed Racer’?For starters, they’ve hired the screenwriter of ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ to punch up the script.
  7. apropos of nothing
    Official: ‘Speed Racer’ Loses to Ashton Kutcher; Emile Hirsch Fires His Agent, ObviouslyGod, how embarrassing.
  8. the water cooler
    Did Warner Bros. Inflate Estimates for ‘Speed Racer’ So They Wouldn’t Lose to Ashton Kutcher?That’s what anonymously sourced reports are claiming!
  9. pop trash
    Forget ‘Speed Racer’: The Sport of the Future Is TypeRacingThe future of competitive racing isn’t in driving electric Kool-Aid acid cars around a track. It’s typing.
  10. quote machine
    Morgan Freeman Is Sick of Being the Dignified Older GentlemanPlus: Lake Bell meets Cameron Diaz, and Matthew Fox punches a stuntman.
  11. quote machine
    Gwyneth Paltrow Maybe Wouldn’t Do PornPlus: Amy Sedaris on how Jerri Blank’s style obviously surpassed Carrie Bradshaw’s.
  12. countdown
    Will ‘Speed Racer’ Fail With Flying Colors?Apparently the Wachowskis’ new movie is tracking poorly among the sane.
  13. in the magazine
    Sarah Jessica Parker Heralds Triumphant Return of ‘Sex’What’s happening in this week’s issue of ‘New York’?
  14. liner notes
    How They Made ‘Speed Racer’ Look Like ThatCheck out Vulture’s exclusive slideshow conversation with the effects wizards who made it happen.
  15. the take
    Vulture’s Summer Movie ReviewThe Vulture Department of Predicting the Future is pleased to reveal the critical reaction and box-office results of summer 2008’s biggest popcorn flicks.
  16. quote machine
    Snoop Dogg Stands Up for America’s Ugly WomenSnoop Dogg is a feminist, Matt Stone says “cock,” and Moby describes Ozzy Osbourne.
  17. trailer mix
    ‘Speed Racer’ Trailer: Louder! Faster! More Candy-Colored!The Wachowski Brothers have lost their freaking minds.
  18. the early-evening news
    Anna Faris SucksNews about Dr. Dre and the Sex and the City movie!