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  1. trailer mix
    The Hills: New Beginnings Trailer Has an ‘Unwritten’ Remix So Everything Is FineMischa Barton definitely makes sense here!
  2. tv couple scuffle
    Spencer and Heidi’s Guide to Love on Reality TV“Our relationship post–reality TV has been so much easier.”
  3. the hills
    Heidi and Spencer Have Thoughts on The Hills“Blogs have advertised the show as a ‘reunion,’ but it’s really an LC special.”
  4. quote machine
    Chris Pine Saves Runaway BurritoPlus: Betty White, stair master.
  5. quote machine
    Black Swan Will Scare the Ellipsis Out of YouPlus: Emma Stone thrilled to overpay for salad.
  6. dumb and dumber
    Stupidest Things of Summer: We Have a Winner!Katy Perry, it was always you.
  7. quote machine
    Peeing on a Boat Not As Fun As It Sounds, Claims Adam ScottPlus: Christina Applegate responsible for all the smut on TV.
  8. dumb and dumber
    Vulture’s Stupidest Things of Summer: Everyone Sleeps, But the JuggalosAnd Tila Tequila.
  9. dumb and dumber
    Vulture’s Stupidest Things of Summer: Lots of Little StupidsJustin Bieber’s ProActiv commercial, botched tattoos, and annoying children.
  10. quote machine
    Lady Gaga Has This Weird Thing That If She Sleeps With Someone, They’re Going to Take Her Creativity From Her Through Her VaginaPlus: Christina Hendricks puts on her nicest duds.
  11. spencer pratt
    Without The Hills, Spencer Pratt Loses Sense of Self“Heidi left me seasons ago! This whole time I have really been married? I thought we did that for ratings?”
  12. dumb and dumber
    Vulture’s Stupidest Things of Summer: No. 1 Finally Falls“Rocket to Uranus” is too slight to hold on.
  13. dumb and dumber
    Vulture’s Stupidest Things of Summer: The Photo AlbumLiLo’s mug shot, Katy Perry’s album cover, ‘Thor’ the pinup, and The Situtation’s family portrait.
  14. tv
    See Spencer Pratt’s Hilarious Disguise for Crashing Hills PartyFor whatever reason, Pratt’s aging-hobo look did not gain him admittance to the event.
  15. the hills
    Our Hopes for the Last Season of The HillsOur hopes for the season, along with the sad reality of what it will be.
  16. the hills
    Watch The Hills Final Season TrailerHeidi’s face! Oh, dear.
  17. quote machine
    Megan Fox Is Single and LookingPlus: Jack Black discusses the advantages of outerwear in ancient times.
  18. disasters
    I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Turns Into a Nightmare for NBCWere Heidi and Spencer tortured?
  19. disasters
    I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here: Ben Silverman’s Latest FollyYou didn’t think it was possible, but the show is working overtime to devalue Ben Silverman’s already tenuous grip on fame.
  20. the industry
    50 Cent: Yes, Still ActingPlus: Pearl Jam hops in bed with Target.
  21. quote machine
    Megan Fox’s THC-Aided Deconstruction of High School MusicalPlus: Andy Samberg reveals the casting process for the moms in the “Motherlover” digital short.
  22. quote machine
    Gwen Stefani Prefers Sleep Over Watching Gossip GirlPlus: Jennifer Aniston likes the feel of Steve Zahn’s posterior.
  23. trailer mix
    ‘Beef IV’ Trailer Fails to Satisfy Our Thirst for SnapsWhy does Beef IV look so lame?