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  1. princess diana
    There Are So Many Dianas We Had to Assign SuperlativesFrom film to TV to a filmed musical performed onstage.
  2. vulture festival 2021
    What If Spencer Were a Comedy?That’s not the film Pablo Larraín made, but it’s one he’d like to see.
  3. chat room
    Pablo Larraín Isn’t Trying to Reinvent the Biopic With SpencerThe filmmaker behind Jackie and the trippy dance movie Ema says he couldn’t care less about helping audiences “understand” a character.
  4. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Eternals Is Not the Awards-Friendly Blockbuster That Was PromisedChloé Zhao’s Eternals hits theaters this week as the most tepidly received MCU entry since Thor: The Dark World.
  5. fact vs fiction
    What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Pablo Larraín’s Spencer?In telling Princess Diana’s story, the director takes plenty of artistic liberties to reimagine her mythology.
  6. fact vs fiction
    Is Sally Hawkins’s Spencer Character Based on a Real Person?We called up the movie’s screenwriter, who spoke to real-life Sandringham personnel about their intimate Diana memories, to confirm.
  7. behind the seams
    How Jacqueline Durran’s Costumes for Spencer Evoke the ‘Aura’ of Princess DianaDesigner Jacqueline Durran explains the imagined and re-created outfits.
  8. movie review
    Spencer Is a Portrait of a Princess Too Sane to Play the Royals’ GameKristen Stewart may not resemble the real Diana, Princess of Wales, but she does an incredible job of capturing the woman’s charisma and her sadness.
  9. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Who’s in Front As the Race Kicks Off?Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast was the belle of Toronto, with King Richard and The Power of the Dog also drawing raves.
  10. oscars 2022
    This Year’s Best Actress Race Could Spark a Full-On Stan WarThe actresses who have made the strongest early impressions are also the ones with the most extremely invested fan bases.
  11. trailer mix
    Spencer Trailer: Kristen Stewart Begins Her Reign As the People’s Princess“Will they kill me, do you think?”
  12. spencer
    Weep for the Beauty of Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana on the Spencer PosterAs the lead in Pablo Larraín’s Spencer.
  13. venice film festival
    Princess Diana Biopic Spencer to Premiere at Venice Film FestivalThe drama film stars Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana and Jack Farthing as Prince Charles.