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Spider Man 3

  1. string theory
    Jamie Foxx Is Crossing the Spider-Verse to Play Electro in Spider-Man 3You probably don’t remember Amazing Spider-Man 2 but he was in it.
  2. spider-mea-culpa
    Sam Raimi Hated Spider-Man 3 As Much As You DidHe just publicly apologized.
  3. blame games
    Sam Raimi Didn’t Want Spider-Man 3 to Suck, EitherRaimi claims that he did not have creative control over the film.
  4. cover story
    ‘Nim’s Island’ Is Jodie Foster’s Second Fake Appearance on a ‘New York’ CoverPlus: Spidey makes the cover!
  5. news reel
    ‘Fantastic Four’ Director Wishes He Had a Better Cast
  6. news reel
    Bryce Dallas Howard, Pregnant Stuntwoman?
  7. news reel
    Damon Dash Identifies With Spider-Man
  8. the take
    ‘Spider-Man 3’ Turns Critics Into J. Jonah Jameson
  9. quote machine
    America, You’ve Let Bon Jovi Down
  10. tube junkie
    Video: Fans in Times Square Respond to ‘Spider-Man 3’ and Peter Parker’s Sexiness
  11. apropos of nothing
    Attack of the Threequel
  12. news reel
    Teenage Girl Offers Underwear to Tobey Maguire
  13. the best part
    ‘Spider-Man 3’: The $500 Million Movie?