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Spider Man 4

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    Vulture Exclusive: What Really Killed Spider-Man 4? Avatar!James Cameron’s boundary-pushing CGI convinced Sam Raimi he couldn’t do his sequel right in time.
  2. spider-manpocalypse
    Spider-Man 4: Totally Dead!Sam Raimi didn’t think he could make a non-terrible ‘Spider-Man’ movie by 2011, so Sony will completely reboot the franchise.
  3. spider-manpocalypse
    Scriptless Spider-Man 4 to Miss Start Date, Dump Anne Hathaway?Can’t anyone get a Spider-Man-related project off the ground these days?
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    Malkovich, Hathaway to Possibly Taunt Spider-ManThis is going to be hell on our Google Alert.
  5. casting couch
    Anne Hathaway Latest Actress Rumored to Play Villain in Spider-Man 4It was Rachel McAdams last week and, seeing how things are going, it will probably be Carey Mulligan next week.
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    Rachel McAdams: Villainess in Spider-Man 4?Rumor has it that Sam Raimi is taking a look.
  7. the industry
    Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, and Jonah Hill to Fight Crime, Each OtherPlus: Finally, a ‘White Chicks’ sequel.
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    Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker to Star in Romantic ComedyPlus: Hollywood to remake something!
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    But Soft, Yon Kenneth Branagh Doth Direct ‘Thor’Plus: Marvel extends its deal with Paramount and Kirsten Dunst confirms she’s in for ‘Spiderman 4.’
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    Will Smith Now the Fresh Prince of EgyptPlus: Two more Spider-Man movies!
  11. the take
    Which Villains Will Overstuff ‘Spider-Man 4’?