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Spider Man Homecoming

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    What Is the Funniest Marvel Movie?Humor has been essential to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but which movie had the most laughs?
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    How to Dress Like Your Favorite Film Characters for Halloween This YearAny idiot can be Pennywise. This year, it’s time to think outside the box.
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    How an Indie-Rock Legend Got One Line in Spider-Man: Homecoming“I did try out, but I can’t safely say that there wasn’t a tiny bit of nepotism attached.”
  4. Is Tony Stark the Real Villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming?He’s got great power, but he’s not teaching responsibility.
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    So, Was the Washington Monument Built by Slaves?Fact-checking the best line in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
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    The New Spider-Man Franchise Is a Success, Which Has Definitely Been Said BeforeRemember when The Amazing Spider-Man and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man also successfully launched new franchises?
  7. The Best Spider-Man Ever, According to an Actual Spider▶️ Finally, a real spider weighs in.
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    Did You Catch the Amazing Spider-Man Shout-out in Spider-Man: Homecoming?A friendly neighborhood allusion to the Andrew Garfield–and–Emma Stone era.
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    Spider-Man’s Vulture Is the Best Marvel Movie Villain in YearsHe seems like the first superhero villain who might’ve voted for Trump.
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    9 Startling Differences Between Spider-Man’s Vulture and Vulture the WebsiteThere is not a single editor at Vulture who would get mad at Tyne Daly, for any reason.
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    See Five Decades of Vulture Costumes From Spider-Man HistoryFrom the feathered to the mechanical.
  12. there are no small parts only small actors
    Fair Warning: Zendaya Is Barely in Spider-Man: HomecomingStill, the former Disney star is an utter delight in the limited time she spends onscreen.
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    Why Donald Glover’s Spider-Man: Homecoming Cameo Is So GreatIt’s almost the Platonic ideal of a brief appearance from a big star.
  14. Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming Is a Breezy DelightIt’s the most convivial Marvel movie in ages.
  15. Watch Peter Parker’s Video Diary From Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming“This is the greatest day of my life.”
  16. The Best Supervillains Are Relatable Ones▶️ Three-dimensional villains with a sense of purpose are rare in superhero movies.
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    Hannibal Buress Hired an Imposter to Go to the Spider-Man Homecoming PremiereBuress put out the call for a look-alike on social media.
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    Spider-Man Producer Amy Pascal Explains Movie’s Diversity in Just 9 WordsThe latest Marvel flick has a teen cast made up almost entirely of nonwhite actors.
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    Twitter Is Arguing Over Whether Homecoming Is the Best Spider-Man Movie to DateAs the old saying goes, if you’ve reached Twitter nitpicking over your superhero-movie ranking, you’ve made it.
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    Zendaya Has a Game She Wants You to Play, It’ll Be Fun, She SwearsYou have to tell everyone your first impression of them.
  21. Watch Spidey Face Vulture in the New Spider-Man: Homecoming TrailerSwinging into theaters July 7.
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    Kirsten Dunst States an Objectively True Fact: ‘Everyone Likes Our Spider-Man“Listen, I’d rather be in the first ones than the new ones.”
  23. Groot Versus Gru: Which Summer Movie Will Rule the Box Office?Guardians 2? Wonder Woman? Dunkirk?
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    Peter Parker Gets Found Out in This New Clip From Spider-Man: HomecomingIt’s tough being a teen hero.
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    Good News: Marvel’s Commitment to Gratuitous Shirtless Scenes Is Alive and WellWhen Marvel shells out to get its actors into superhero shape, the results always end up on the screen.