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  1. secret agent man
    The Crown Season 3 Will Be Infiltrated by Soviet Art SpiesThis plotline is gonna be good.
  2. magic spies
    Magician Derek DelGaudio Reports Other Magicians Secretly Filming His Stage ShowTwo other magicians were allegedly identified as having recorded parts of DelGaudio’s one-man magic show, In & of Itself
  3. invisibility cloak and dagger
    British Spies Defended Harry Potter From PiracySo mysterious, so secretive.
  4. we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of this post
    Mind MGMT’s Matt Kindt Talks Spies & PornographyThe comics auteur says he’s not paranoid, but we’re not sure.
  5. Special Agent 12 Briefing, by Alex WinfreyHello, Special Agent 12. Before you leave for your mission, I’ve been asked to introduce you to a few tools that I think you’ll find quite […]
  6. spies
    Paul Feig Wants to Make a Female Spy MovieFrom a script he wrote.
  7. Seth Rogen Joins The B Team, Disney’s New Spy ComedySeth Rogen is producing a spy comedy currently in-development at Disney, and he might also star in it. It’s about “a top secret agent being […]