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  1. the industry
    Spike Lee Will Make a She’s Gotta Have It Series for NetflixIt’s a “contemporary update” of the 1986 film.
  2. memorials
    The View From Spike Lee’s Prince Block Party“Is this the line to get in?”
  3. feel the bern
    Spike Lee Wants You to ‘Wake Up’ and Vote BernieSpike’s five-minute video also features Susan Sarandon and Alan Cumming, among other celebs.
  4. where's the beef?
    Chance the Rapper Calls Spike Lee a ‘Liar’Spike reportedly called Chance a “straight-up fraud” at Northwestern University.
  5. sundance 2016
    Spike Lee on Rampling, Caine, and Oscar Politics“Charlotte Rampling and Stacey Dash need to hang out. And they need to go with God. Both of them.”
  6. #oscarssowhite
    Spike Lee Didn’t Say He Was ‘Boycotting’ Oscars“Chris Rock is a grown-ass man. He can do what he wants to do.”
  7. reissues
    Off the Wall Reissued With New Spike Lee DocMichael Jackson’s Journey From Motown to Off the Wall will premiere first at Sundance.
  8. chi-raq
    Chance the Rapper Calls Chi-Raq ‘Exploitative’Spike Lee responds: “Chance the Rapper should say full disclosure: His father works for the mayor.”
  9. chat room
    Nick Cannon on Chi-Raq, the Folly of Manhood, and Sex Strikes“When Spike first came to me, he was like, ‘Yo, man, I’m trying to save lives on the South Side of Chicago,’ and I was like, ‘I’m in.’”
  10. movie review
    Chi-Raq Is a Powerful Weapon in Its Own Right“No peace, no pussy.”
  11. where they do that at
    Spike Thinks Chi-Raq Will Inspire Sex StrikesThat’s some interesting logic.
  12. movies
    Spike Lee Finally Gets His OscarHis speech included some incisive observations on the Academy’s diversity issues.
  13. trailer mix
    Chi-Raq Trailer: Spike Lee’s Chicago-Gang-Violence Movie Looks Real GreatThe film is coming out on Amazon.
  14. the industry
    Dave Chappelle Joins Spike Lee’s ChiraqYou’ll never guess who else is involved.
  15. haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate
    Spike Lee Has Some Words for the Chiraq Naysayers“You don’t like it, you don’t like, but wait, see it first.”
  16. the industry
    Kanye Won’t Be in Spike Lee’s Chiraq After AllBut he might be involved in the movie’s soundtrack.
  17. the industry
    Chiraq Will Be a Musical Comedy, With YeezusIt will take a page out of Lysistrata’s book.
  18. chicagoland
    Spike Lee’s Chiraq Movie Is Going to AmazonPotentially with Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Piven, Kanye West, and Common.
  19. movie review
    Movie Review: Spike’s Da Sweet Blood of JesusDa Sweet Blood of Jesus is a mess, but it’s the kind of mess only one of our greatest filmmakers could make.” 
  20. influences
    Spike Lee on 10 of His Cultural InfluencesHis latest joint, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, opens in select theaters this weekend.
  21. awards season
    Spike Lee on Selma Oscar Snubs: ‘F*ck ’Em’“Nobody’s talking about motherfuckin’ Driving Miss Daisy.”
  22. vod
    Spike Lee’s New Movie Premieres on VOD TodayIt’s available on Vimeo today, in fact.
  23. stage reading
    Ryan Coogler Staged a Do the Right Thing ReadingFor Black Friday.
  24. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Spike Lee’s New Crowd-Funded Bloodsucker MovieLee swears Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is not about vampires.
  25. Jerrod Carmichael Has His First HBO Special, But Don’t Worry – He’s Not […]At only 26 years old, he’s being called an “up-and-coming” comic, but Jerrod Carmichael knows who he is, knows what he’s good at, and thanks to […]
  26. Here’s a Sneak Peek of Jerrod Carmichael’s HBO Standup SpecialJerrod Carmichael’s very first (and Spike Lee-directed) standup special Love at The Store premieres on HBO on October 4th, and today the […]
  27. good first date
    The Obamas Thank Spike Lee for Their First Date MovieIt’s the 25th anniversary of Do the Right Thing.
  28. videology
    Watch Eminem’s New Spike Lee–Directed VideoIt’s a sort-of apology to his mother, Debbie.
  29. tv
    Spike Lee Is Remaking She’s Gotta Have It for TVIn collaboration with Showtime.
  30. side by side
    The Differences Between Spike Lee’s Oldboy and the Original OldboyLess octopus, for one.
  31. chat room
    Spike Lee on Oldboy and Working With Timberlake“We’re ready. Justin knows. Tour’s done, we’re shooting this.”
  32. movie review
    Edelstein on Spike Lee’s Oldboy: A Brutal Yet Unmemorable ExerciseA remake of the 2003 South Korean revenge picture.
  33. technique
    Spike Lee Cut Oldboy’s Crazy Continuous Shot“There’s a cut in it. Shouldn’t be, but there is a cut.”
  34. good plans
    Spike Lee Might Direct Justin Timberlake’s Record Producer BiopicIt’s about Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart.
  35. previews
    Watch the Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth TrailerPremiering on HBO November 16.
  36. casting couch
    Michael K. Williams Joins Spike Lee’s Kickstarter MovieThis is where your money’s going, backers.
  37. show lee the money
    Spike Lee’s Kickstarter Campaign Is a SuccessHe raised over $1,250,000 for his next movie.
  38. delays
    Spike Lee’s Oldboy DelayedTo Thanksgiving.
  39. film criticism
    Spike Lee Responds to Kickstarter CriticismAnd Stephen Soderbergh explains why he donated to the project.
  40. curators
    Read Spike Lee’s ‘Essential List of Films for Filmmakers’There’s a fun mix of expected and unexpected choices.
  41. bffs
    Steven Soderbergh Donated $10,000 to Spike Lee’s KickstarterDirector-director love.
  42. show me the money
    Spike Lee Turns to Kickstarter for Next MovieHe’s trying to raise $1,250,000.
  43. trailer mix
    Oldboy Trailer: Spike Lee and Josh Brolin Tackle a Tricky RemakeAre they going to go there?
  44. directorial chairs
    Spike Lee Attached to Nineties Gold-Mining MovieGold was formerly a Michael Mann joint.
  45. beefs
    Directors Duke It Out Over Django Unchained“If you disagree with the way a colleague did something, call him up.”
  46. spike lee
    Watch a Supercut of Spike Lee’s Dolly ShotsSpike gets supercut.
  47. toronto 2012
    The 25 Baddest Things From Spike Lee’s MJ DocThe movie, Bad 25, is about the making of the MJ album, which came out 25 years ago. Hence the name.
  48. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz Asks: What’s Your Favorite Single Image From Breaking Bad?For our TV critic, it’s when Jesse first tries heroin.
  49. bad 25
    See Stills From Bad 25Who didn’t love Michael Jackson?
  50. bilge ebiri
    In Red Hook Summer, Spike Lee Tries Something New: PatienceLee’s latest joint is being billed as a return to the personal, low-budget filmmaking that put the director on the map a few decades ago.
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