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  1. easter eggs
    39 Easter Eggs and Cool Details to Look for on Your Russian Doll RewatchThe Netflix series is packed with hidden images, inside jokes, timeline crossovers, and clever references.
  2. All the Death Scenes in Russian DollSpoiler alert!
  3. spoilers
    Russian Doll, But Only the Death ScenesTimelines, shmimelines — here’s a chronological breakdown of all the ways the Netflix series kills off Natasha Lyonne’s character.
  4. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About the Russian Doll EndingWhat happens to Nadia, Alan, Oatmeal the cat, and all those twisty timelines?
  5. winter tca 2019
    Gina Rodriguez Kept Jane the Virgin’s Big Twist a Secret for More Than a Year“It’s like, ’You can’t tell anyone for a year and a half.’ And I didn’t!”
  6. spoilers
    Why Do I Feel So Conflicted About Chidi and Eleanor on The Good Place?Chidi and Eleanor’s relationship doesn’t always feel natural, yet I’m still rooting for this sitcom couple to end up together.
  7. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of You’s Season FinaleEverything to know about Joe, Beck, and that surprise twist at the very last second.
  8. appreciations
    Now That You Is on Netflix, You Should All Worship Peach SalingerDon’t steal her Ozma of Oz.
  9. spoilers
    The Many Endings of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, ExplainedNetflix’s interactive episode of Black Mirror has a ton of different endings. Here’s what each one of them means.
  10. spoilers
    All the Black Mirror Easter Eggs Hidden in BandersnatchCan you spot every Black Mirror reference in this interactive episode?
  11. spoilers
    Outlander Fan Favorite on His Long-Awaited Surprise ReturnAnd the “rude” name he has for his beard wig.
  12. homecoming
    Homecoming’s Season Finale Sticks It to the ManIt’s an immensely satisfying ending.
  13. chat room
    You’s Elizabeth Lail on That ‘Heartbreaking’ Season Finale“By the end of it, Beck’s just in fight or flight mode.”
  14. spoilers
    Homecoming’s Ending Credit Scene, ExplainedWho is Audrey Temple, and what is her relationship to the mysterious Mr. Geist?
  15. the droughtlander is over
    Outlander Season 4: Everything to Know About the New CharactersThe faces — whether friend, foe, or furry — that you can expect to see as the Frasers take on Colonial America.
  16. spoilers
    How House of Cards Pulled Off Claire Underwood’s Final Big TwistWhat to expect when you’re expecting an HOC surprise.
  17. close reads
    The Legacy and the Lunacy of House of CardsThe show’s final season considers serious issues raised by the 2016 election, and it also gets completely nuts.
  18. chat room
    House of Cards Star Michael Kelly on the Final Season and Doug Stamper’s Fate“When it all went down, there were a million emotions going through my head.”
  19. spoilers
    How Frank Underwood Dies in House of CardsIf you don’t watch the show anymore but still wanna know, we’ve got you covered.
  20. spoilers
    Bodyguard Blows Itself Up in the Worst WayThe hit British thriller is fantastic … right up until its biggest twist.
  21. spoilers
    How Does Roseanne Die on The Conners?You can probably guess.
  22. spoilers
    The Profound Grief of The Haunting of Hill HouseIt’s not a paranormal story so much as a meditation on the way trauma maims the living. And it’s scary as hell.
  23. spoilers
    Better Call Saul Showrunner on the Season-4 Finale and the End of Jimmy McGill“You might be seeing the death of Jimmy McGill as we’ve known him,” says Saul co-creator Peter Gould.
  24. tv review
    Better Call Saul Ends a Bleak, Beautiful SeasonSaul caps off its best season yet with a bruisingly sad finale.
  25. movies
    Venom’s Credits Scenes, ExplainedWho was that character Eddie meets with?
  26. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of ManiacNetflix’s genre-hopping epic is really about people struggling to heal themselves in an abusive world.
  27. spoilers
    The Affair Reveals the Shocking Truth Behind a Major DeathThe answer was right in front of us all along.
  28. movies
    Here’s Where Ant-Man and the Wasp Fits Into the Marvel TimelineIt was an open question after Avengers: Infinity War.
  29. explainers
    What Happens in Westworld’s Trippy Post-Credits Scene?The very end of season two is a game changer.
  30. spoilers
    Everyone Who Dies in Westworld’s Season-Two Finale (and How It Happens)“The Passenger” is a bloodbath for hosts and humans alike.
  31. spoilers
    Westworld Creators Release Video ‘Spoiling’ All of Season TwoA new video reveals star Evan Rachel Wood singing a song that seemingly offers clues as to whether Season Two is going to let you down.
  32. Game of Thrones Actors Reportedly Won’t Receive Scripts for Season 8Instead they’ll be fed their lines via earpiece.
  33. game of thrones season 8
    Game of Thrones to Reportedly Shoot Multiple Endings So You’re Not Sure Who Dies“They’re going to shoot multiple versions so that there’s no real definitive answer until the end.”
  34. tv
    How Game of Thrones Spoilers Get MadeAn inside look at the fan sites that sniff out spoilers for the world’s most popular show.
  35. the last man on earth
    Last Man on Earth Characters Survived Both a Deadly Virus and a Trump PresidencyShow reveals America’s 46th, 47th, 48th, 49th, and 50th presidents.
  36. rogue one
    Did Jiang Wen Accidentally Reveal a Huge Rogue One Spoiler?Oops.
  37. spoilers
    A Ton of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Spoilers May Have Just LeakedA German Star Wars fan site found them.
  38. spoilers are coming
    Presenting the Results of Vulture’s Spoiler PollThe ground appears have shifted in favor of instant reaction, with the definition of discretion being set by people who’ve seen the thing being discussed rather than people who haven’t.
  39. spoilers are coming
    Spoiler Alert: This Is a Post About Spoiler EtiquetteLet’s all acknowledge what Twitter is: a platform designed to react immediately to things that happened right this second.
  40. tv
    Netflix Finds That Some People Spoil TV As an Interpersonal Power PlayThe streaming giant hired a cultural anthropologist, who found that Americans don’t really mind spoilers.
  41. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of SnowpiercerA spoiler-filled conversation, naturally.
  42. pleasant nightmares
    Seven Spoilers About Suburgatory’s Second SeasonSex! Violence! Theme song lyrics!
  43. video
    See Homeland’s Woods Fight Edited As a ComedyFighting in the woods while on the phone with your wife: HILARIOUS!
  44. spoilers
    Spoiler Photos Leak From Another Downton Abbey WeddingAnd not featuring the couple you’re expecting. (The cast filmed their nuptials last month.)
  45. spoilers
    Mad Men Spoiler Policy Includes Bow Ties, GlassesMatt Weiner is exacting.
  46. spoilers
    Watch Actors From Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Dexter, The Walking Dead, and The Wire Give You a Lesson in ‘Spoiler Etiquette’Whatever you say, Sanders! Whatever you say.
  47. spoilers
    When Will Don Draper Die? We asked an actuary.
  48. spoilers
    AMC Accidentally Spoils Walking Dead ExitYet more evidence that a main character is on his way out.
  49. spoilers
    Did Frank Darabont and TNT Just Spoil The Walking Dead?Quite possibly!
  50. spoilers
    See a Series of Vintage-Looking Posters About SpoilersThere are some sweet, fake, old-timey propaganda posters that would be the Depression-era equivalent of a spoiler alert.
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