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  1. heartbreak
    I’m Tired of Being Dermot Mulroney’s Onscreen Love InterestTwice I’ve been in serious relationships with men played by Dermot Mulroney. It wasn’t a problem. Until it was.
  2. tonys 2016
    Tonys: Rannells Plays Trump; Close Is ClintonOh, you didn’t see The Book of Moron?
  3. roll clip!
    Remember the Time Dave Chappelle Played Prince?Game: Blouses.
  4. django unchained
    What Would Django Unchained Look Like As a Nineties Sitcom?“And Jason Narvy as Skull.”
  5. Naturally, Here’s a HobbitHunger Games Mash-UpAnd not one braid in sight.
  6. Listen to Raw Commentary by ‘Michael Caine’ on The Muppet Christmas Carol“Michael Caine” = “my cocaine.”
  7. the walking dead
    Watch a Walking Dead Christmas SpecialWho needs the real thing when you have a parody like this?
  8. dark knight rises
    Watch Batman Shampoo vs. Bane-anaSo stupid, and yet, so good.
  9. downton abbey
    Downton Abbey Men Do Breaking BadBreaking Abbey, ladies and gentlemen.
  10. the dark knight
    Watch The Dark Knight As a Romantic Comedy TrailerA hilarious romp through Gotham City!
  11. Watch a Trailer for Perry“My idea … my idea … Madea!”
  12. the hobbit
    Watch ‘The Hobbit: The Musical’The Hobbit in song!
  13. dark knight rises
    Listen to Some Incredible Outtakes of Bane From Dark Knight RisesWho knew Bane could rap?
  14. Watch a Trailer for ‘Jewish Elf’Jon Lovitz was robbed!
  15. game of thrones
    Watch Another Episode of Game of Thrones–Meets-SeinfeldWhich one’s Newman?
  16. house hunters
    Beauty and the Beast Were on House HuntersBelle’s looking for closet space, while Beast’s more concerned with the work commute.
  17. adele
    Did Adele Rip ‘Someone Like You’ From Mary Poppins?A spoonful of Adele!
  18. new girl
    What If Zooey Deschanel Were an Old, Mean Jewish Lady?Who’s that girl? It’s Muriel Rosenberg!
  19. skrillex
    Skrillex Talks to Household Appliances, Makes Them WorkAh, the power of dubstep.
  20. flight
    This Flight Parody Is Hilarious, Also Super WeirdAnyone else smelling an Oscar?
  21. breaking bad
    Celebrate a Breaking Bad Thanksgiving“You know what they say, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”
  22. dark knight
    Watch the Trailer for Gotham HighSee? Everyone has their awkward years!
  23. james bond
    Elvis Mitchell Presents: The Lost Bond Movie, To Have and to GoldEat your heart out, Skyfall.
  24. iron man 3
    Watch the Literal Trailer for Iron Man 3Exactly.
  25. 50 shades of grey
    Watch the Trailer for Fifty Shades of ChickenSpread those wings!
  26. dexter
    Meet Dogxter, a Canine DexterBetter than the original?
  27. homeland
    Find Out How to Best Watch HomelandSorry, Showtime.
  28. intervention
    Watch an Intervention Episode About a Stubbornly Unfunny Dad“Ten ‘toasts’ on two feet.”
  29. See the Lost Outtakes From When Harry Met Sally“She’ll have what I’m having.”
  30. Watch Batman Try to Use Apple MapsBatman shouldn’t have updated.
  31. the real housewives of atlanta
    Watch the Real DragwivesYes, it’s parody, but is it?
  32. What If New Girl Were Jewish?Zooey gets bat mitzvahed!
  33. new girl
    What If Regis Commandeered the Set of New Girl?R.I.P. Schmidt.
  34. lincoln
    See a Clip From Lincoln“Civil war, blaaaargh!”
  35. Fumble Through the Longest, Most Awkward Opening Credits EverAbby Appleton loves her bike!
  36. sex and the city
    Watch ‘Sex and the City for Dudes’Yup, that about does it.
  37. dark knight rises
    Watch The Nippled Knight RisesRemember the nineties? Neither do we.
  38. breaking bad
    Watch an Alternate Ending to Breaking BadBreaking Curb.
  39. fight club
    Watch a Trailer for Fight Club: The Rom-ComLike Romeo and Juliet, but with punching! And no girls!
  40. dark knight rises
    Watch Bane After Batman With Chris KattanNote to self: never retire!
  41. justin bieber
    Watch ‘Droidfriend,’ a Star Wars–Justin Bieber ParodyC3-P-whoa.
  42. the expendables
    Watch The Expendables: The Musical“PG-13 is for p*ssies.”
  43. taken
    See What Taken Would Be Like With a Real DadFriggin’ GPS!
  44. michael bay
    See Michael Bay on KickstarterFund this movie!
  45. tumblr
    Watch ‘Tumblr: The Musical’“Ponies, memes, and Dr. Who!”
  46. girls
    Watch ‘Boys,’ a Parody of GirlsNo Girls allowed!
  47. harry potter
    Watch ‘Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later,’ a Look Into Harry Potter’s Future“Accio trousers!”
  48. dark knight rises
    Meet a Rambling Dark KnightVery dark, very thorough.
  49. rider strong
    Watch Rider Strong in Hooker LawyerSo many hookers and lawyers!
  50. dark knight rises
    Watch a Batman ParodyWhy so not serious?
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