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Squad Goals

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    Childish Gambino is Officially a Member of the #YangGangDonald Glover is hosting a fundraising event for presidential hopeful Andrew Yang on Thursday.
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    Idris Elba Will Play a New Character In Suicide Squad 2The actor will no longer take Will Smith’s old role.
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    Will Smith Reportedly Won’t Be on the Roster of the New Suicide SquadAre you a murderer and/or monster looking for an exciting employment opportunity?
  4. squad goals
    Watch a Clip From The Wine ShowOur new favorite rom-com.
  5. Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Her Best 2015 MemoryAnd the backstory behind it.
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    Coming to Your TV: Seacrest’s Squad GoalsMeanwhile, in Tribeca, Taylor Swift is gleefully celebrating with her cat.
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    T. Swift Has the Most Popular Instagram AccountKim Kardashian is a close second.
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    McKellen, Stewart Recite Taylor Swift LyricsTaylor’s down!