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Stage Adaptations

  1. stage adaptations
    Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Is Being Tailored Into a Stage MusicalA chance for everyone to belt.
  2. stage adaptations
    We’re Getting a Stage A Star Is Born in Addition to That Cooper-Gaga MovieAnother star is also born.
  3. nostalgia trip
    Now Family Ties Is Getting a Stage AdaptionComing to a theater near you, if you live in Dayton, Ohio.
  4. stage adaptations
    Take a Break From All Your Worries: Cheers Gets a Stage Adaption The play debuts in Boston, obviously.
  5. Tarantino to Adapt Hateful Eight Into a Play“I’m just waiting for this season to be over so I can write it.”
  6. the hateful eight
    Quentin Tarantino Will Direct TheaterIt certainly is long enough.
  7. stage adaptations
    The Devil Wears Prada: The Musical?!Kevin McCollum sure hopes so.
  8. inconceivable
    The Princess Bride Coming to the StageAs you wish.
  9. stage adaptations
    Jackie Chan Interested in Jackie Chan MusicalAbout Jackie Chan.
  10. stage adaptations
    Rocky Musical Is Broadway BoundMeat-punching, now with more jazz hands.
  11. stage adaptations
    At Last, Details on the American Psycho Musical“There’s a song where they’re in, like a Barney’s, and it’s called ‘You Are What You Wear.’”
  12. stage adaptations
    A Pan’s Labyrinth Musical Is on the WayIiiiinteresting.
  13. stage adaptations
    Brooke Shields to Star in Exorcist PlayJust when you thought the world couldn’t surprise you anymore!
  14. stage adaptations
    Tony Danza Set for Broadway’s Honeymoon in VegasIn the role originated by James Caan.
  15. stage adaptations
    Little Miss Sunshine Musical in the WorksAdaptation due next February.