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  1. interview
    John Cameron Mitchell and Marilyn Maye Talk Love, Art, and Dying in Style“We can’t do open casket. Nobody knows how to put my lashes on.”
  2. board games
    Clue Is Getting a Stage AdaptationFrom Jonathan Lynn, who wrote and directed the 1985 film. 
  3. Redford Is a Really Funny Sketch Group That’s (Gasp!) Not From UCB It’s no secret that there are a lot of funny sketch groups outside of the also very funny UCB community but, because UCB is so incredibly […]
  4. stage
    Disney’s Newsies Headed to Broadway for a Limited TimeExtra! Extra!
  5. stage
    Lance Bass Is Producing a Play About Escorts, Possibly Starring Kirstie Alley As the PimpSounds good!
  6. sheeniac
    After Show Two, Charlie Sheen’s Fans Are Back and Protecting Him From Mean Patton OswaltSo much for the emperor having no clothes.