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    Arrest Warrant Issued for Stan Lee’s Former Business ManagerKeya Morgan has been charged with elder abuse.
  2. easter eggs
    How Into the Spider-Verse Honors Stan Lee“I’m going to miss him. We were friends, you know.”
  3. gettin' ratioed
    Comics Creators Less Than Impressed with Bill Maher“More people cared about Stan Lee’s death than care about Bill Maher alive.”
  4. why though
    Bill Maher Blames Trump’s Election On, You Guessed It, the Legacy of Stan Lee“I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to suggest that Donald Trump could only get elected in a country that thinks comic books are important.”
  5. apologies
    Armie Hammer Is Sorry for His ‘Asshat’ Tweet About Stan LeeWith a Notes-app screenshot no less.
  6. throwbacks
    Stan Lee and Conan O’Brien Talk Celebrity Obituaries in Classic Late Night Clip“I would love to think somewhere my obituary is in a file somewhere.”
  7. comics
    What Stan Lee Meant to One of His Closest CollaboratorsPeter David remembers Stan Lee
  8. obits
    Stan Lee Gave More Than He TookThe late comics legend has a tarnished legacy, but it still gleams bright.
  9. deaths
    Comics Legend Stan Lee Dead at 95His daughter has confirmed the news.
  10. Stan Lee Remembers Marvel’s Steve Ditko: ‘His Talent Was Indescribable’“Steve was certainly one of the most important creators in the comic book business.”
  11. crime
    Stan Lee’s Former Manager Being Investigated for Elder AbuseLee has also had a restraining order placed on Keya Morgan, who was recently arrested on suspicion of filing a false police report.
  12. legal battles
    Stan Lee Files $1 Billion Lawsuit Against POW! EntertainmentThe comic book legend claims he was conned into selling the exclusive licensing rights to his name and likeness.
  13. lawsuits
    Stan Lee Sues Ex-Business Manager for Abuse, Fraud, Selling His Blood as MerchThe lawsuit alleges Jerardo Olivarez is one of several “unscrupulous businessmen” who targeted Lee following his wife’s death in 2017.
  14. conflicts
    Everyone Around Stan Lee Claims Everyone Else Is Doing Him WrongThe figures surrounding the comic-book legend have accused each other of mistreating him.
  15. Stan Lee Denies Sexual Misconduct After Allegations SurfaceHe’s reportedly been accused of harassing nurses and a masseuse.
  16. rip
    Joan Lee, Stan Lee’s Wife of 69 Years, Dead at 93They were married in 1947.
  17. The Japanese Spider-Man Was the Craziest Superhero Show Ever▶️ “An emissary from hell. Spider-Man!”
  18. Fox Developing Spy Movie About … Stan Lee?It’s not exactly a biopic.
  19. marvel
    It’s Stan Lee’s UniverseHe built Marvel Comics and laid the foundation for today’s blockbuster superhero movies, and has changed pop culture as we know it. Here’s how.
  20. the industry
    Li Bingbing Will Star As a New Chinese Superhero in Stan Lee’s RealmBased on an original idea of superhero-comic maestro Stan Lee.
  21. deleted scenes
    Stan Lee’s Original Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo Would’ve Been FatalJames Gunn wanted him to explode and then have his head roll into the frame.
  22. it's cancelin' time
    It’s Tragic and Disappointing That Marvel Is Canceling Fantastic FourIt was likely due to petty film-licensing squabbles.
  23. fan fights
    Weirdest Debate in Spider-Man History Rages OnA tale of backstabbing and physics.
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    Stan Lee Pens 35th Anniversary Elvis Presley ComicWith Indian graphic artist Jeevan J. Kang.
  25. tag teams
    A Short History of Comic Book Superteams and How We Got The AvengersIn the forties, Marvel and DC’s superteams met to discuss crime fighting. Today they synchro-smash on the big screen.
  26. the avengers
    See Stan Lee With Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans, and Scarlett Johannsson on the Set of The AvengersWith friends like these …
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    Watch Every Stan Lee Cameo EverThe Man. The Myth. The Cameo.
  28. tv
    Stan Lee Wants a Cameo on The Walking DeadAs a zombie, of course.
  29. the industry
    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s TV Show Will Be a Cartoon Called The GovernatorIt will embellish his real life.
  30. makin' it
    Geekdom Pauses to Honor Stan LeeThe original comic-book guy gets his day and his Hollywood star. The schools stay open, though.
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    Watch Luke Perry and Stan Lee Not Freak Out Around Their FansThe ‘90210’ alum and the Marvel maven both attended the annual Dragon*Con sci-fi and fantasy convention.
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    MTV Creating New Gang of Comic-Book HeroesTo be illustrated by an undiscovered teen.
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    Stan Lee’s Super Seven Faces LawsuitComic legend faces complaint from toy company.
  34. quote machine
    Marion Cotillard Survives Close Brush With Environmental WorkPlus: John C. Reilly sorry, guesses he will just hump pillow.
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    50 Cent: Lil Wayne Stole That Vest From Cyndi LauperPlus: Smokey Robinson to blame for Tracy Morgan.
  36. cameos
    Stan Lee Cameo in Iron Man 2 Revealed!We’re hoping Lee insists on wearing suspenders made of unstable molecules.
  37. the industry
    Zach Braff Is the Pickup ArtistPlus: A Stan Lee joint.
  38. the industry
    Meryl Streep to Be Touched by CatPlus: Stan Lee’s gay-superhero show is a go!
  39. quote machine
    Stan Lee Possibly the World’s Worst Casting DirectorPlus: Gary Cole is tired of being mistaken for Gary Coleman.
  40. news reel
    Is America’s First Gay Superhero Coming to TV?“It’s not campy either — it’s not ‘The Gayest American Hero.’”
  41. the industry
    Replacements, World’s Last Broken-Up Band, to Reunite SoonPlus: Guns N’ Roses nowhere near releasing ‘Chinese Democracy,’ and Sam Mendes’s Dave Eggers comedy might actually be funny!
  42. the industry
    Stan Lee Creates Three New Heroes for DisneyPlus: Hayden Panettiere makes a list, Ben Stiller declares himself king, and Universal goes to the moon.
  43. quote machine
    Beyoncé Battles YouTube, GravityMatt Damon, Barbara Park, and more!
  44. the industry
    Tom Hanks to Debunk the Debunkers