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Star Trek: Lower Decks

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    Star Trek: Lower Decks Season Finale Recap: To Boldly GoA funny, heartfelt, and satisfying conclusion holds a lot of interesting implications for a second season.
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    Star Trek: Lower Decks Recap: Mirror MarinerA reckoning between her dueling halves is exactly what Beckett’s character needed.
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    Star Trek: Lower Decks Recap: Tea. Spill It. Now.Lower Decks mixes it up by employing a classic Trek narrative device: a Starfleet trial.
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    Star Trek: Lower Decks Recap: Dammit Jim, I’m an Ensign, Not a Captain!Will Mariner be forced to reckon with the fact that she might not be all that she thinks she is? Probably not!
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    Star Trek: Lower Decks Recap: Romance, the Final FrontierWe already know Boimler doesn’t exactly have a lot of faith himself, so this week’s Barb plot feels a little like kicking him while he’s down.
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    Star Trek: Lower Decks Recap: Beam Me Up, Mom!Freeman has been taking Mariner’s attitude personally this whole time, not realizing that Mariner’s issues are with the institution as a whole.
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    Star Trek: Lower Decks Recap: Productivity Is FutileTurns out that Mariner was wrong — Ransom does know what the job of Starfleet officer entails.
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    Star Trek: Lower Decks Recap: Klingons on the Starboard SideMariner tries to teach Boimler to loosen up, at the expense of his precious protocols.
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    Lower Decks Is Fun, But Star Trek Is Suffering an Identity CrisisFor all its raucous pleasures, the new animated series maintains an ironic posture at odds with what made this franchise great.
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    Star Trek: Lower Decks Premiere Recap: Ensign of the TimesStar Trek’s foray into the half-hour animated comedy format pulls off its mission of bringing a fresh new perspective to the franchise.
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    Is Animation Star Trek’s Next Frontier?Nearly 50 years after the franchise’s last foray into animation, the new Lower Decks attempts to fuse Trek’s past with animated comedy’s present.
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    Now There Are 2 Star Trek Animated ShowsBoldly going hard on animation.
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    Welcome Aboard CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Lower Decks TrailerIf spaceships had a poop deck, these characters would be scrubbing it.
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    A Star Trek Animated Comedy Is in the Works From a Rick and Morty WriterCBS All Access has ordered two seasons of the show.