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Star Wars Prequel Week

  1. In Defense of Hayden Christensen’s Performance in the Star Wars Prequels#JusticeforHayden
  2. If the Star Wars Prequels Took Place in a Galaxy With Modern Child-Labor LawsWhat the prequels would look like if the Galactic Republic had employed 21st-century standards of child welfare.
  3. Here’s Why ‘Duel of the Fates’ Transcends the Star Wars PrequelsThe theme speaks to John Williams’s genius at writing earworm tunes that feel like primal, eternal music echoing from the beginning of time.
  4. 11 Star Wars Prequel Ideas Abandoned by George LucasIncluding “You might say I’m your father” and Jar Jar’s sidekick.
  5. 35 Famous People You Forgot Were in the Star Wars PrequelsIncluding Keira Knightley, Sofia Coppola, Joel Edgerton, and the creator of Star Wars himself.
  6. Every Star Wars Prequel CGI Character, Ranked From Tolerable to InexcusableFrom Jar Jar to Sebulba.
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    The Case for Star Wars’ Midi-ChloriansIn defense of a hated aspect of the prequels.
  8. The Star Wars Prequels Should Have Fewer Human-Sized AliensA hot, science-based take.
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    How The Phantom Menace’s Epic Lightsaber Fight Came TogetherIt involved fighting backwards.