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  1. game of gaffes
    Game of Thrones Showrunners Are Still Laughing at Their Coffee-Cup Gaffe“It’s kind of funny to us now.”
  2. product placement
    Uh, Did You Catch That Coffee Cup on Game of Thrones This Week?HBO confirms … it was a latte!
  3. whoops
    Kelly Osbourne Blames Starbucks for Forcing Her to Pee Herself During PrideWhen Starbucks employees wouldn’t let her use their toilet, she peed herself.
  4. the creative process
    A Starbucks Order Mangling Gave a Rogue One Planet Its NameGareth … Scarif. Pretty close.
  5. Stephen Colbert Addresses the Starbucks Christmas Cup Controversy on ‘The […]A lot of Christians are angry this month at the news that this year’s Starbucks holiday cups are plain red, arguing that the choice to remove […]
  6. last night on late night
    Colbert Puts Christmas Back in Starbucks’s CupsNow that’s a holiday-appropriate cup.
  7. music streaming
    Starbucks Officially Goes Digital, Announces Deal With SpotifySorry, Hov.
  8. ‘The Nightly Show’ Responds to Starbucks’ Canceled ‘Race Together’ CampaignLast night’s Nightly Show took a closer look at Starbucks’ recent attempt to start a conversation about race through their “Race Together” […]
  9. the end of an era
    Starbucks Will Stop Selling CDs SoonNo more last-minute birthday gifts for mom. 
  10. This Week In Web Videos: Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong Since yesterday afternoon, the Internet has been alight with Paul Gale. Every viral video round up you can find features the YouTube […]
  11. the early-evening news
    No Girls Allowed in Michael Jackson’s Recording StudioPlus: Will Mariah Carey win an Oscar? Hahahahaha. Sorry.
  12. the industry
    Judd Apatow’s Inability to Stop Producing Movies Is Becoming TroublingPlus: Mayor André 3000!
  13. the industry
    Okay, Okay, Peter Jackson Has Excellent Taste in ActorsRyan Gosling Joins Lovely Bones: Ryan Gosling will play the murdered girl’s father in Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, joining the already-cast Rachel Weisz. We’re throwing up our hands; Jackson seems determined to make a really good movie and damn the box-office consequences. God bless him.
  14. the industry
    Adam Sandler, Mitch Albom Team Up to Jerk Your Tears