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Sternbergh Was Right

  1. chat room
    T-Bag Almost Totals His Car, Hints at Big Changes on ‘Prison Break’“When you have a child, your work will get even better. You’re so focused. You really start to feel like, I would do anything, anything to protect my family. Including kill.”
  2. apropos of nothing
    Are Canadians Just Way Smarter Than Us?Two obscure academic texts beat out Harry Potter on Canadian Amazon.
  3. kudos
    ‘New York’ Magazine: Star-Makers!“Dick in a Box,” Emmy Nominee.
  4. kudos
    Sternbergh on the Emmy Voters: What Did David Simon Ever Do to You?Meerkat Manor, Mad TV, and even freaking On the Lot received more Emmy nominations this morning than did The Wire.
  5. trailer mix
    In ‘The Invasion,’ Nicole Kidman Plays a Cold, Unfeeling Alien. Preposterous!
  6. the take
    ‘Knocked Up’ Brings the Gender Wars Back!
  7. kudos
    Emmy Contenders Show Their Best (and Worst) Sides
  8. the take
    ‘Studio 60’ Returns, Just in Time Not to Matter