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  1. movie review
    The Trip to Greece Is the Final, Most Despairing Trip Film YetAmid all the decadent food and Michael Caine impressions, the four-part series has always had a darker edge.
  2. the end
    Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon Say Good-bye (for Now) to The Trip“I like to think that maybe one day we’d return to it.” “Yeah, I think in ten years’ time.”
  3. a long talk
    Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon on Ending the Trip Movies When We Need Them the MostFrom their respective quarantines, the comedians remember a decade of cross-country travel, hotels, fine dining — luxuries then, impossibilities now.
  4. innit bruv
    Steve Coogan Is Hosting New BBC History Show As Alan PartridgeAlas, it’s not called Knowing Me, Knowing U.K.
  5. too much money
    Steve Coogan and David Mitchell to Star in a Satire About the SuperrichThe Trip’s Michael Winterbottom is directing.
  6. Looking Back at Alan Partridge’s First Show: 25 Years of Alan Partridge […]There is a chance, especially if you are living in America, that you may not know who Alan Partridge is. Played by Steve Coogan, Partridge is […]
  7. Steve Coogan Will Return to BBC with a New Alan Partridge Series and 25th […]Steve Coogan’s Alan Partidge is returning to the BBC with two new television projects. Deadline reports that BBC Two will air a one-hour Alan […]
  8. Cranston, Fishburne, and Carell Star in Linklater’s Dramedy Last Flag FlyingIt’ll be the NYFF’s opening-night film.
  9. Check Out a Clip from Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s ‘The Trip to Spain’If you can never get enough of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s masterful impersonations from The Trip series, you’re in luck, because the two […]
  10. Ranking All of the Impressions in The Trip TrilogyFor Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan, celebrity impressions are the ultimate currency of manhood.
  11. trailer mix
    Dying Laughing Trailer: Comedians Talk Failure“Comedy is purely a result of your ability to withstand self-torture.”
  12. Here’s a Sneak Peek from Seeso’s Upcoming Special ‘Alan Partridge’s […]Last month, Seeso announced a new special from Steve Coogan called Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle, and today the streaming network released a […]
  13. Seeso Orders ‘Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle’ and ‘Andy Richter’s Home […]Seeso just announced two new specials from Steve Coogan and Andy Richter slated to premiere before the holidays. The streaming network […]
  14. Digging Up the Roots of News Satire with ‘On the Hour’ There have been many articles I’ve written for this series where I assumed that I was probably introducing a significant portion of my […]
  15. casting couch
    Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan to Play Married GuysIn An Ideal Home.
  16. Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly to Star in Laurel and Hardy Biopic ‘Stan & […]Over two years after news broke that BBC was making a Laurel and Hardy movie, the project has finally landed its two stars. According to […]
  17. ampersands
    Coogan and Reilly Will Be Laurel and Hardy[“The Dance of the Cuckoos” plays.]
  18. Check Out the First Trailer for ‘Happyish’, Showtime’s New Steve Coogan […] Here’s the first trailer for Happyish, the new Showtime comedy starring Steve Coogan that was initially supposed to star the late Philip […]
  19. Watch Steve Coogan and Kathryn Hahn in the First Trailer for Showtime’s […]Showtime’s new half-hour comedy Happyish premieres in April, and the network released the first trailer today featuring Kathryn Hahn and Steve […]
  20. Steve Coogan Cast in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Role in Showtime Pilot […]Back in January, Showtime ordered a new comedy pilot starring Philip Seymour Hoffman called Happyish centered on a man named Thom Payne who “is […]
  21. reshoots
    Steve Coogan Will Replace Philip Seymour Hoffman in HappyishThe new pilot will shoot in December.
  22. movie review
    The Trip to Italy Is Enjoyable, Even If It Aims Too HighUneasy mates Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden return—or, rather, depart once more.
  23. Watch Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in the Trailer for ‘The Trip to Italy’Here’s the trailer for Michael Winterbottom’s sequel to The Trip called The Trip to Italy, which sees Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon venturing off […]
  24. michael winterbottom
    Watch the Trailer for the Sequel to The Trip, The Trip to ItalySteve Coogan and Rob Brydon are good at impressions and eating.
  25. movie review
    Movie Review: Alan PartridgeIt’s too much to ask the hilarious Alan Partridge to carry a movie.
  26. A Sequel to the ‘Alan Partridge’ Movie Is on the WaySteve Coogan is probably going to end up playing Alan Partridge forever. He’s preparing to make a sequel to Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, the […]
  27. trailer mix
    Alan Partridge Trailer: Steve Coogan NegotiatesThe film finally gets its US release date.
  28. The Long, Brilliant Career of Steve Coogan, the Funniest British Comedian […]Although he’s been a wildly popular comedian in the UK for over 20 years now, Steve Coogan has yet to become a household name in the States. […]
  29. sundance 2014
    Sundance: More Impressions in The Trip to ItalyThey also jam out to Alanis Morissette.
  30. Here’s a Clip of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon Doing Michael Caine […] Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s sequel to their comedy The Trip, called The Trip to Italy, was filmed last year. Here’s the first clip from it, […]
  31. Steve Coogan on Risk-Taking in Comedy“As we all get older, self-deprecating humour tends to be the way forward really. If you can’t laugh at the inevitability of mortality, then […]
  32. the toughest scene i wrote
    The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Steve Coogan on Philomena’s Sad Reveal“There’s something, dare I say, Hitchcockian about it that I love.”
  33. movie review
    Edelstein on Philomena: Calling Out the Catholic Church, GentlyStarring Judi Dench as a former nurse in search of a son she once gave over to a convent.
  34. The Alan Partridge Movie Is Getting a US Release in 2014Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge movie is coming to the US. Deadline reports that Magnolia Pictures has acquired the rights to the film, entitled […]
  35. sequels
    A Sequel to The Trip Has Begun FilmingWith Michael Winterbottom, Steve Coogan, and Rob Brydon in Italy.
  36. Steve Coogan Is Writing a MemoirBritish comedian Steve Coogan has signed a new book deal. Best known for his character Alan Partridge along with countless film and TV roles, […]
  37. Watch the Trailer for ‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’ Here’s the trailer for Steve Coogan’s upcoming movie, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, which finds his beloved character in a radio station under […]
  38. trailer mix
    Watch the Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa TrailerAfter twenty-plus years, Steve Coogan’s famous character finally gets his own movie.
  39. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon Confirm Season 2 of ‘The Trip’ Will Shoot in […]A follow-up to the 2010 UK miniseries The Trip, which was edited into a film in the States, is on the way, and Italy will be the location this […]
  40. Steve Coogan Will Star in a TV Drama as a Lawyer-Turned-Cop Steve Coogan is busy filming the Alan Partridge movie in England, but he’s just booked a role as the lead in a new show in the States. […]
  41. casting couch
    Steve Coogan Joins ABC Pilot DoubtFrom House creator David Shore.
  42. Watch the Teaser Trailer for the ‘Alan Partridge’ Movie Here’s the brand new teaser trailer for The Alan Partridge Movie, which has (what I’m assuming is) a joke title, Alpha Papa. Centered on Steve […]
  43. trailer mix
    Alpha Papa Teaser: What’s in a Name of an Alan Partridge Movie?Steve Coogan reprises the role for the 12 billionth time.
  44. The Alan Partridge Movie Finally Starts Filming Filming is finally underway for the long-awaited movie based on Steve Coogan’s beloved character Alan Partridge. Chortle reports that […]
  45. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: Dive Deep Into British Brilliance with ‘The […]Steve Coogan is one of the funniest people on the face of the planet. Better known in his native UK than here in the States, he’s nonetheless […]
  46. The Alan Partridge Movie Is Coming Next August, at Least in the UKInfo about the upcoming Alan Partridge movie is starting to emerge, and although it’s a long way off, it’s exciting that it’s happening at all. […]
  47. Finally! An Alan Partridge Film to Shoot Later This YearAfter decades, and a variety of mediums, Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge is finally going to be brought to the big screen. Armando Iannucci, who […]
  48. Alan Partridge, Man of the Moment Once More“I could get tables at a moments notice. I was stopped on the street by people telling me how ‘unbelievable’ my show was. I was hot and it felt […]
  49. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon to Head to Italy for a Sequel to The TripWhen you get sick of insulting your friends in your home country, the next logical step is to head to Italy and insult them there. Hey, it […]
  50. Steve Coogan Puts News of the World Editor, Tittle-Tattle On Blast Why do I get the feeling that every heated argument you might have with Steve Coogan involves him pointing out how “Hitler was nice to dogs”? […]
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