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  1. sorkinese
    Aaron Sorkin Will Write Steve Jobs As a HeroHe also likens Sony’s project to writing a film about the Beatles.
  2. steve jobs
    Pixar’s Brave Remembers Steve Jobs As a Friend and MentorIt’s the studio’s first film since the Apple head’s death.
  3. sorkinese
    Aaron Sorkin Will Write Sony’s Steve Jobs BiopicBut did he speak Sorkinese?
  4. ashton kutcher
    See What Ashton Kutcher Looks Like As Steve JobsThe Starbucks cup really throws it off.
  5. casting couch
    Josh Gad in Talks for Steve Jobs BiopicThe one that’ll feature Ashton Kutcher as Jobs. Yup.
  6. casting couch
    Ashton Kutcher Will Anchor Steve Jobs Indie BiopicIt’s called Jobs. It’s also not a rumor.
  7. movies
    John Carter Dedicated to Steve JobsHe “protected us from all the bad influences of the outside world,” says director Andrew Stanton.
  8. decisions
    Aaron Sorkin ‘Strongly Considering’ Writing Steve Jobs BiopicHe’s thinking about it.
  9. movies
    Aaron Sorkin Might Write the Steve Jobs Biopic“It’s called an iPod.” “An i-what?” “iPod.” “Pod?” “Pod. iPod.” “An iPod.” “Yes.”
  10. beefs
    John Mayer Really Disappointed Steve JobsMayer was “blowing it big-time,” Jobs (randomly) thought.
  11. movies
    Even Steve Jobs Couldn’t Convince Aaron Sorkin to Write a Pixar Movie“I don’t think I can make inanimate objects talk.”
  12. ONN Offers a Sneak Peak at the New Steve Jobs 2 There’s too soon, and then there is impressively soon; this video is from the ONN episode airing this week. In it, the Onion News Network […]
  13. movies
    Sony Pays Big Money for Steve Jobs MovieBut who should play him?
  14. ‘Last American Who Knew What The Fuck He Was Doing Dies’Here’s The Onion’s take on the death of Steve Jobs: “Steve Jobs, the visionary co-founder of Apple Computers and the only American in the […]
  15. The Onion Handles Steve Jobs Resignation As Perfectly As You’d ExpectHere’s The Onion on the resignation of Steve Jobs and his replacement at Apple by new CEO Tim Cook: “Following the resignation of Apple founder […]
  16. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: A Black Market Steve Jobs–in-Carbonite iPod Case, and How to Make Your MP3s Feel Like LPsGeorge Lucas meets Steve Jobs: Oh, the crossed geekstreams!
  17. vulture bytes
    Vulture Bytes: D.J. Apps, Sheen Blockers, and Beating Steve JobsPlus: Speakers that aren’t speakers!
  18. feuds
    Jon Bon Jovi Is Mad at Steve Jobs“Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business.”
  19. awesome
    iTunes to Allow Stealing, FinallyiTunes 9.0, available later today, will allow “home sharing” at last.
  20. ipods
    New iTunes Does Your Playlist-Making for YouRobots win again!
  21. apropos of nothing
    Steve Jobs Fails to Make Us Crap Our PantsA few minutes ago, at the hugely anticipated (by nerds, like us) Macworld conference in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the details of iTunes’ new movie-rental service, which officially launches today.
  22. apropos of nothing
    Practically Confirmed: Jay-Z Might Be Launching a Record Label With AppleWe were hesitant to report on Jay-Z’s supposed upcoming venture with Apple — but that was all the way back this morning when the whole thing was just a rumor.