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  1. Watch Stephen Colbert and Steve Martin Sing About Friendship on ‘The Late […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert meets special guest Steve Martin in the forest to sing a beautiful song […]
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    Steve Martin Broke Stephen Colbert’s HeartGary Mule Deer, maybe?
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    Steve Martin Curated an Art ExhibitionMartin curated The Idea of the North: The Landscape Paintings of Lawren Harris at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.
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    Steve Martin Sings About His Lack of Anecdotes“I only agreed to come on this show February 29 because I thought that date didn’t exist!”
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    The Time Steve Martin Performed Stand-up for the First Time in 35 YearsOpening for Jerry Seinfeld.
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    Fallon, Short Slap Each Other Lots in Soap OperaFeat. Steve Martin!
  7. 7 Best New Songs of the WeekSia spreads her wings yet again. 
  8. Watch David Letterman Deliver a Surprise Top Ten List During Martin Short […]David Letterman made a surprise appearance during Martin Short and Steve Martin’s stage show A Very Stupid Conversation in San Antonio on […]
  9. Read Tina Fey’s Touching, Hilarious Tribute to Steve Martin“He said, ‘It’s not show friendship. It’s Showbiz Pizza, and it’s my favorite restaurant.’” 
  10. Steve Martin Visits David Letterman at ‘Late Show’ One Last TimeHere’s a clip from Steve Martin’s final Late Show visit on Friday, where he and Dave talk about his upcoming retirement as well as a new […]
  11. Steve Martin Tries Prime-Time Variety with ‘3 Girls 3’The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  12. The Johnny Carson Comeback Special That Never WasOn Mark Malkoff’s wonderful Carson Podcast, several guests have been asked about why they believe that when Johnny said goodbye on May 22, 1992 […]
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    The Best 2015 Oscars After-party PhotosFeaturing Emma Stone, Beyoncé, Jared Leto, and more!
  14. ‘SNL 40’ Review: The Stars Come Home After 40 years, Saturday Night Live may be the only remaining “watercooler comedy” that everyone still has something to say about. Whether […]
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    Every Celebrity Crashed Steve Martin’s SNL MonologueTom Hanks! Paul McCartney! Alec Baldwin!
  16. Steve Martin Will Receive the AFI Life Achievement Award Next YearThe American Film Institute announced today that it’s chosen Steve Martin as its annual Life Achievement Award recipient. Martin will make the […]
  17. The 20 Greatest Standup Specials of All TimeModern standup has been around in one form or another since vaudeville, but it’s only been since the late ‘70s that the standup special has […]
  18. Burn It Down and Start Again: 4 Comics Who Threw Out Their Material and […]Throwing out material is a frightening prospect for any entertainer. For some performers it can take years to compile a half-hour show. […]
  19. A Gay-Marriage Father of the Bride Is in the WorksUpdate: No one told Steve Martin he was involved.
  20. Gay Marriage-Themed ‘Father of the Bride 3’ in the Works with Steve Martin […]In the spirit of unnecessary sequels, Nikki Finke reports that Disney and Warner Bros. are currently working on a sequel to the Father of the […]
  21. Watch Steve Martin and Conan O’Brien Rehearse a ‘Letterman’-Style Top 10 […] Here’s a nice lighthearted break amid a day of sad news. Back in August, comedy superstars Steve Martin and Conan O’Brien delivered a […]
  22. Steve Martin Should Host Every Pledge Drive Here’s a new clip Steve Martin shot to air during PBS pledge drives starting next month, in conjunction with a concert special he’s doing with […]
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    Watch Steve Martin’s Funny Yet Touching Governors Awards SpeechAlso, he took a selfie with Tom Hanks.
  24. Watch Steve Martin Accept His Honorary Academy Award The Honorary Oscars were handed out over the weekend at the 2013 Governors Awards, and Steve Martin received an Academy Honorary Award, which […]
  25. Watch Steve Martin Make Fun of David Letterman for 15 Minutes Here’s Steve Martin’s appearance on Letterman from Friday night, which he mostly spends busting Letterman’s balls about his frequent […]
  26. Martin Short, Tom Hanks, and Steve Martin Have Colonoscopy Parties Together Here’s Martin Short on The Tonight Show last night, telling Jay Leno about how he and friends Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, and Walter Parks have […]
  27. Steve Martin Is Getting an Honorary OscarSteve Martin is finally getting an Academy Award. Martin, who has hosted the Oscars three times (most recently in 2010 with Alec Baldwin), will […]
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    Watch Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog Perform ‘Dueling Banjos’Steve Martin really loves his banjo.
  29. Watch Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog Play ‘Dueling Banjos’ Funny or Die continues to trot out the big guns for its fancy new redesign. Here’s comedy’s two most famous banjo players, Steve Martin and […]
  30. Steve Martin Drops By Conan to Do a Classic Conan Top Ten List Here’s Steve Martin on Conan last night, and he prepared his own classic Conan Top Ten list, which is totally a Conan bit and not one from […]
  31. Paul Feig Discusses How Steve Martin Influenced Him“Steve Martin was the No. 1 comic I tried to emulate. To this day, I wear three-piece suits all the time because of him. I got the Let’s Get […]
  32. Steve Martin Took a Long Walk to the Jimmy Fallon Set Last Night On his guest appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, Steve Martin took his time to walk on stage and even got a little lost in […]
  33. Steve Allen Tries it Again in 1980 with Steve Martin’s Brother BillyThe Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  34. Watch Steve Martin on ‘Letterman’ Last Night “Some comedians just say funny things and some comedians say things funny, but you say things.” - Steve Martin to David Letterman.
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    Kevin Bacon: Ferguson’s Accidental DouchinessPlus: Carol Burnett’s literal impersonation of the Chippendales that would spice up her upcoming 80th birthday, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  36. ‘SNL’ Review: Justin Timberlake Runs a Victory LapI don’t think anyone is as big a fan of SNL as SNL itself. At every opportunity, Lorne Michaels reminds us of his show’s elite status and […]
  37. Here’s Justin Timberlake’s ‘SNL’ Monologue, Featuring Cameos from Everybody Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time this weekend, making him a member of the show’s exclusive Five-Timers Club and […]
  38. When a Young, Obnoxious Judd Apatow First Met Steve MartinVanity Fair just posted a behind-the-scenes video of a photo shoot featuring Judd Apatow and Steve Martin in which the two recount the story of […]
  39. The Lost Roles of Steve MartinOne of the most revered comedians of his generation, both as an actor and writer, Steve Martin is 45 years deep into an eclectic career that’s […]
  40. Heeeeeeeeere’s Steve Martin! Watching Steve Guest Host the ‘Tonight Show’The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  41. Watch Steve Martin on Letterman Last Night and His First Letterman […] Steve Martin dropped by Letterman for the millionth time last night to plug his awesome new DVD collection of his old TV specials, and more […]
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    See Steve Martin’s Unearthed ‘Elephant Guy’ SketchComedy fans rejoice: It’s part of a new DVD collection of his long-lost TV specials.
  43. (Sarcastically) Exciting News: Hollywood to Remake a Body Swap Movie1984’s All of Me was a very a good body-switching movie or, well, body-semi-switching movie. Lily Tomlin’s character plans on a full swap but […]
  44. ‘Steve Martin: The Television Stuff’Well, this looks awesome: Steve Martin: The Television Stuff is a new DVD set being released on September 18th that gathers up a whole boatload […]
  45. Let’s All Move to Steve Martin Park This parks has everything: underaged drinking, giant Ziploc bags of pot, slightly broken handguns, rock n’ roll concerts, and freaking Steve […]
  46. Watching Steve Martin and Martin Short Reunite (Again) on ‘The Martin […]The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
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    Review: Shakespeare in the Park’s As You Like ItThere’s nothing here but pleasure and pleasantry, making it a fine but minor dish.
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    Read the Letter Steve Martin Wrote to a Young Judd Apatow“The girls!”
  49. steve martin
    Watch Steve Martin’s ‘A Wild and Crazy Guy’ Sales Promo From 1978Ah, the glory days.
  50. Steve Martin Wrote Young Judd Apatow a Very Funny, Very Personal LetterJudd Apatow was once a young, comedy-obsessed boy. As a teenager, he would interview famous comedians for his high school’s radio station. But […]
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