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  1. steve mcpherson
    Report: Steve McPherson Stepped Down During Sexual-Harassment InquiryInvestigation had been going on for three weeks leading up to resignation.
  2. breaking
    Head of ABC out; ABC Family Head Likely to Step InHollywood rumblings say McPherson’s boss, Anne Sweeney, finally won their personality clash.
  3. summertime blues
    Summer Doldrums Hit ABC Hard As Network Ties an All-time Ratings LowFall can’t come soon enough for Steve McPherson and company.
  4. beef
    ABC Entertainment President Puts Katherine Heigl On BlastHe deemed Heigl’s recent complaints about being worked too hard “unfortunate.”
  5. upfronts
    ABC Upfronts: Cupid Out, Ugly Betty LivesBut that doesn’t mean ‘Ugly Betty’ fans are happy.
  6. tube junkie
    The Real Reason Behind ABC’s Decision to Give New Life to ScrubsHint: It’s not because Zach Braff is dreamy.
  7. The Gods Are Smiling on the Veronica Mars MovieWhen ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson closes a door, he also opens a window.
  8. apropos of nothing
    If Ben Silverman Gets Fired, the Terrorists Will Have WonAccording to insiders, if NBC’s ratings don’t improve, Ben Silverman could soon have even more time to party.
  9. The ‘Cavemen’ Crusade Continues: We Send Hair to ABC!The hair was easy to obtain; that’s what interns are for.
  10. apropos of nothing
    Strike Be Damned, Ben Silverman Vows to Entertain Us HimselfIn a new Esquire profile, the always charming Silverman — in rare moments between partying with supermodels and white tigers and dodging mandatory company drug tests — talks candidly about his competition at the other networks.
  11. beef
    Reilly vs. Silverman vs. McPherson: The Battle of the Century Happens TodayHas NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman been bionically enhanced?
  12. apropos of nothing
    NBC Revives ‘American Gladiators’ and Hulk Hogan; ABC Revives … ‘Cupid’?We’ve taken great delight in the ongoing beef between NBC’s Ben Silverman and ABC’s Steve McPherson, so we’re really sorry to see that McPherson already seems to be waving the white flag.
  13. beef
    Ben Silverman Fights DirtyBen Silverman mocks Cavemen on CNBC.
  14. beef
    Exec Fight: Ben Silverman vs. Steve McPhersonThis seems like a beef that can only be settled one way: with a sunset knife fight on the Malibu cliffs.