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  1. superlatives
    Lindsey Buckingham on the Most Fulfilling and Dysfunctional Music of His Career“It was my intention all along to try to remain an artist who kept growing and evolving in the long term.”
  2. respect the classics
    Lindsey Buckingham Will Never Break the Chain (of Shady Quotes on Fleetwood Mac)“We could start in 1968 and work up to 2018 with a litany of very precise reasons why I will not work with him,” Stevie Nicks replied.
  3. respect the classics
    Elton John Tapped All His Favorite Artists for Star-Studded Lockdown SessionsFeaturing Dua Lipa, Years & Years, Rina Sawayama, Miley Cyrus, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Nicks, Nicki Minaj …
  4. maroon nicks
    Stevie Nicks and Maroon 5 Have the ‘Remedy’ for a New Summer BopGrab the shawls, girls.
  5. respect the classics
    The 2020 Boomer Rock Renaissance No One Saw ComingMcCartney, Dylan, Stevie, Springsteen, and so many of rock’s immortals offered life lines in dire times.
  6. vulture guides
    Keep the Throwbacks Coming After Miley Cyrus’s Plastic Hearts With These AlbumsFrom Janis Joplin to Blondie to Ashlee Simpson.
  7. my remix is dropping
    Miley Cyrus Drops ‘Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix)’ Featuring Stevie NicksOoo baby, ooo, said ooo.
  8. influences
    Robyn, Queer Clubbing, the xx, and 6 More Influences on Romy’s Debut Solo Music“Then I realized I was describing Robyn’s music to herself.”
  9. respect the classics
    Stevie Nicks, Tenacious Witch, Performed With Double Pneumonia at 2019 Rock Hall“I knew before I went on stage that something was wrong with me, so I had to really pull it together.”
  10. extremely online
    Stevie Nicks Posts the Definitive ‘Dreams’ TikTokCran-raspberry juice included.
  11. my single is dropping
    Stevie Nicks Gets Witchy, Asks Spirits to ‘Show Them the Way’ in New SingleIt’s been a big couple of weeks for Fleetwood Mac fans.
  12. respect the classics
    Stevie Nicks Does the Math and Wishes Harry Styles Was Older“Well, that would be a good thing.”
  13. respect the classics
    Stevie Nicks Is on the Edge of Saving CinemaHer concert film, 24 Karat Gold, will be released next month.
  14. covid-19
    The Fate of Stevie Nicks’s Voice Depends on You“If I get it, I will probably never sing again.”
  15. wordsmithery
    Stevie Nicks, the Health Commissioner We Deserve, Wants You to Stay Inside“We might be able to find this magical place I have found.”
  16. fangirls
    Stevie Nicks Continues to Be Harry Styles’s Biggest FanShe compared him to Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills & Nash.
  17. alexa play “dreams”
    Stevie Nicks Takes the Opportunity to Tell Harry Styles Fine Line Is His Rumours“Way to go H.”
  18. friendship timelines
    A Timeline of Stevie Nicks and Her ‘Love Child’ Harry Styles’s FriendshipWe’ll relive their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame moments forever.
  19. rock hall 2019
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2019 Rock Hall Induction CeremonyEverything you need to know, from the snubs to the speeches.
  20. rock hall 2019
    Stevie Nicks Knows There’s a Rock Hall ‘Problem’ That Needs Fixing“It’s gonna take 20 years before you get recognized, again!”
  21. rock hall 2019
    Harry Styles Is Out Here Calling Stevie Nicks the Perfect ‘Lover’Take that as you will!
  22. rock hall 2019
    Harry Styles, Stevie Nicks Sing ‘Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around’ Rock Hall Duet“This beautiful child should’ve been born in 1948,” Nicks said of Styles backstage, where she accidentally confused him for being in N’SYNC.
  23. profile
    Stevie Nicks, the Fairy Godmother of RockAt age 70, she is four decades into the never-ending romantic soap opera that is Fleetwood Mac.
  24. rock hall 2019
    Whose 2019 Rock Hall Induction Matters Most? A Totally Serious DebateJoin us in caring way too much about the Rock Hall with this very special episode of the podcast Who Cares About the Rock Hall?
  25. quotables
    Embrace the Petty With Lindsey Buckingham’s Fleetwood Mac Insult GeneratorGo your own way. Or play around with this gadget.
  26. roch hall 2019
    Janet Jackson, Radiohead, Stevie Nicks to Be Inducted Into Rock Hall of FameBut will Radiohead even show up?
  27. rrhof2019
    All 15 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees, RankedFrom Roxy Music to Def Leppard.
  28. where’s the beef?
    Fleetwood Mac Savagely Fired Lindsey Buckingham Over the Phone“Stevie never wants to be on a stage with you again,” he was told.
  29. casting
    The Coven Coven Is Returning for American Horror Story: ApocalypseYes, that includes Stevie Nicks.
  30. vulture lists
    Your Guide to the Fleetwood Mac Albums From Before They Were Fleetwood MacOne of the most popular bands of all time has a bunch of albums that people don’t really talk about too much.
  31. respect the classics
    Lindsey Buckingham Thinks Fleetwood Mac Has ‘Harmed’ Their Legacy by Firing Him“The point is that they’d lost their perspective.”
  32. mom and dad are fighting again
    Fleetwood Mac Is Feuding Again and We Haven’t Felt This Alive in Years“We were never married, but we might as well have been.”
  33. speeches
    Tom Petty ‘Was Not Well’ for a While, Says Stevie Nicks“He fought his way through that tour.”
  34. Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks Share ‘Beautiful Problems’Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks collaborate on a duet about hard love called “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems.”
  35. epic collaborations
    Watch Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks Duet on a Lovely ‘Landslide’ TogetherOh, mirror in the sky. What is this collab?
  36. lana del rey’s lust for life
    Stevie Nicks Reportedly Has a (Very Witchy) Feature on Lana Del Rey’s New AlbumLana has won the witch-off.
  37. last night on late night
    Stevie Nicks Credits Current Career to TwilightTwilight’s vindication by history has begun.
  38. stevie nicks
    Stevie Nicks Hopes Clinton Wins in a LandslidePun intended.
  39. prince 4 ever
    Stevie Nicks on Prince: ‘My Heart Is Broken’She made a surprise appearance at Broadway’s School of Rock.
  40. the artist is famous
    The Strange (and Often Wonderful) Things We See When Celebrities PaintFame has become such a meta-subject and an American obsession that just the act of someone famous making a painting is thought to add kicky secret layers to the artist’s image.
  41. videology
    HAIM Majorly Channel Their Inner Stevie Nicks in ‘Pray to God’ VideoWitchy women.
  42. generators
    Gain True Insight From This Stevie Nicks Wisdom GeneratorYou see your gypsy.
  43. everything you need to know
    15 Things You Didn’t Know About Stevie NicksAnd they are all magical.
  44. music
    Stevie Nicks and Haim Are Officially ‘Sisters of the Moon’The sisterly trio spent the day at Nicks’s Santa Monica mansion.
  45. 24 karat gold
    Hear a New Old Stevie Nicks Song, ‘The Dealer’Off her new album 24 Karat Gold — Songs From the Vault.
  46. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon Recreates Classic Stevie Nicks–Tom Petty VideoWith Stevie Nicks!
  47. award shows
    What You Might’ve Missed at Last Night’s Academy of Country Music AwardsYes, Taylor was there.
  48. season finales
    Watch Stevie Nicks’s Musical Appearance on CovenShe sang “Seven Wonders,” naturally.
  49. the white witch
    Watch Stevie Nicks’s Performances on American Horror Story: CovenShe sang “Rhiannon” and “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?”
  50. overnights
    American Horror Story: Coven Recap: ***FlawlessTo the gypsy who remains — and is remains, amirite, Misty?
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